Zirconia - Zirconia is an oc created by Theotherbackgrounder for a crossover oc of "Steven Universe" and "Garo" and features elements from both series as she is the Antagonist of the Gems and Garo. It is undecided by him if he will be writing the crossover.

Full Name



Horror Fusion Faux-Diamond


dies on the day she is created



Zirconia, by her name is a faux-diamond. Though she looks like that of a Diamond, her body is that of a literal diamond. Her body unmoving as her arms and legs are permanent fixated into place. she moves by telekinesis. Her face is featureless, void of any face, nose, mouth, or eyes. she stands up to Garnet's chest.


The inner darkness that lies within the gems that the crystal gems have gathered have accumulated to create a "Yin-gate" to bring forth a horror, Which forces all the gems to fuse. Creating a what would have been called a "Perfect" fusion; if not for the unstable nature of the "forced" fusion created by those of gem-world that was added to the mix. Because of this, Zirconia desires to be whole and because of this attacks the Crystal Gems in order to absorb Garnet because she is a perfect fusion in Zirconia's eyes.


Zirconia is capable of using the abilities of any of the gems that is made up of her body.


While pushing the Crystal Gems and Garo to their limit, defeating not only "lost soul" Garo but she also forced the Crystal Gems into their gem states. She finally meets her end against "Garo Crystal Form," a fusion of Garo and the crystal Gems, being over powered by the new form the darkness that held the fusion together was dispelled, erasing her very being from this plain. The Gems themself are returned to where they belonged, no longer holding any darkness.

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