Zircon was sent to earth with black diamond to follow their orders, then zircon was told to attack the rebels but refused and let the rebels escape. Black diamond was about to shatter zircon when he shot her right in the diamond causing her gem to become cracked. He then lunged forward and then punched her gem and shattered it. He then ran from the scene and on the way poofed a gem that attacked him and then buried the gem without even noticing what gem he poofed. After the gem war he stalked the crystal gems an then saved them from a corrupted gem, which he then noticed to be the gem he buried almost 6000 years ago, he then let it reform and then let Steven use his healing spit on the gem. Because the corruptness wasn't that much, and was only a body change and just enough of a mental change to make it attack it worked and then they got a new gem on their team, LACE AGATE! Lace agate was originally working for homeworld as a scientist but after the gem war when lace agate reformed and was corrupted knew that homeworld had something to do with the corruption so she joined the crystal gems.

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