In Tao Gems, White Diamond fights Green Diamond.


Green Diamond held her two double-edged katanas in her hands. White Diamond held a huge, thick sword. It was hard to handle, but White Diamond was experienced with it. Yellow Diamond chuckled. "Very well. The duel commences in 3... 2... 1..."

"Nulla fides!" "In quod nomen de Rose Quartz!"

The two got into a swordfight. White Diamond obviously had the advantage, being able to attack with heavy strikes and being able to defend with the sword. Green Diamond was slowly being worn down with every hit.

"Hey, Dresden," White Diamond said.

"Yeah?" Green Diamond said. She stood still.

"Surprise, motherfucker," White Diamond said, tripping Green Diamond and then holding the sword at Green Diamond's head. To White Diamond's surprise, Green Diamond pulled out the sword, dropped her katanas, and attempted to strike White Diamond with it, but White Diamond held the tip. In a few seconds, the tip was covered in ice.

"Oh? Surprising," Green Diamond said to herself. She summoned a stick... or maybe two katanas stuck together. She spinned it and got in a battle position. She threw the object at White Diamond, which left a scar on her cheek, and Green Diamond caught it.

"A boomerang, huh?" White Diamond said. She tapped the scar on her cheek. She saw blood on her white glove. She looked at White Aquamarine, who was beginning to recover.

"White Aquamarine?" White Diamond said. She walked over to White Aquamarine and held out her hand. She smiled deviously. "Let's tango."

The two danced. White Aquamarine knew exactly what to do. Eventually, it revealed an entirely new Gem. The Gem had blue hair with red tips. She wore a fancy, clear white dress with the edges being black.. There was a gem on her forehead and on her neck. She was using a war fan to cool herself.

Green Diamond said, "Mmm mmm. Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak gems stronger. What's your name, runt? I'll kick your ass regardless."

The Gem said, "My name is Silver. Simple Silver. And I'm simply Silver."

Green Diamond scoffed and said, "You wanna go? I can beat some fusion's ass too, Silver!"

Silver nodded.


  • Silver (debut)
  • Yellow Diamond
  • White Aquamarine
  • White Diamond
  • Green Diamond
  • Rose Quartz (mentioned)


  • Simple Silver is the first Gem to have a name that is not an actual Gem name. The second is Deenutzite.

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