Yellow Jet, specifically Jet Facet-4J21 Cut-4kg is a defective Jet that came out Yellow, and is the main character of her own mini series, "The Wrath of Yellow Jet", and her universe, Jet's Days.


Yellow Jet's overall appearance is yellow, and she has a thin build. She has a pointy chin, a nose similar to Steven's, and has frizzy hair. She wears an one-piece bikini with a tailcoat. Her gem is in her chest. She has long socks, with holes in her heels and her toes.


In Jet's Wrath:

She is unbubbled by Steven, after Steven tells the Crystal Gems that the gem looks cool, and after Pearl tells him it is Yellow Jet, Rose Quartz's close friend. The Crystal Gems poofed Yellow Jet a long time ago, since Rose said she was too dark, and twisted. She attacks the Crystal Gems, after regenerating, warping in the Dark Realm, reporting them to her diamond, Carbonado.

In Black Pearl:

She watches Pearl and Black Pearl duel.

In Lapis vs Dalmation Jasper: Sworn Enemies:

She watches Lapis Lazuli, and Dalmation Jasper fight.

In Captured:

She captures the Crystal Gems.

In Final Battle:

She gets poofed along with Carbonado, as she decides she is not best to be a Crystal Gem, as Opal fires a bow at rocks above them.


She is in one word emo.

Powers and abilities

Telekinisis: Yellow Jet can use her telekinisis to harm other gems, but every time she uses it, Red aura appear.

Scythe proficiency: Yellow Jet can summon a scythe from her gem, and she is skilled at using it.

Special Thanks

Credit to User:Prprprprprprprprpr from Gemcrust for Yellow Jet's png.


  • Jet is a type of lignite.
  • The English noun "jet" derives from the French word for the same material: jaitet.
  • Jet is either black or dark brown.

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