Wulfenite stands at an underwhelming 5’ tall, making her the shortest member of Team RYBK. She has Dandelion color, neck length hair which makes other’s think she’s a preteen. She has pale yellow skin and gold eyes. She wears 2 spherical hair clips symmetrically aligned on top of her head. She has a petite body build. Her outfit consists of a dark yellow body suit with her team’s logo on the torso in a white coloration, 2 shoulder length gloves that leave a gap near the body suit on both arms (these gaps being the shoulders), and limb enhancement styled shoes. Her gem is located where her spine and waist line meet.


Wulfenite has a very objective-oriented mind set, so she can’t go 1 minute without thinking of completing one of her current objectives. She’ll barely show any signs of emotion, which leads people to believe she’s a robot. This is supported by her high level of intelligence, and naïve moments when she can’t tell what someone is feeling without getting a clear sign, like she has to see tears to know someone is sad.


Kunai Proficiency 

Wulfenite’s skill with a Kunai knife is unmatched, seeing as she has the record for furthest kunai throw and can handle 3 opponents with just one Kunai knife. She can throw a huge amount of Kunai knives in a matter of seconds. She has no limit on how many Kunai she can use at a time, which makes her a tough opponent.


This is her signature ability, although she uses it when her opponent is outside of her kunai throw radius. She generates most of the electricity she uses from her arms, and occasionally using an attack similar to the Chidori from the Naruto Series. The only drawback is that it only paralyzes her opponents if it’s not used within a certain distance




  • Her high intelligence and naivety is a reference to Sheldon Cooper from “The Big Bang Theory”.
    • This is further proven by the fact that they both gets teased for their intelligence by being called a robot.
  • Wulfenite has trouble understanding jokes.
  • She shares her voice actor with Twilight Sparkle and Raven From My Little Pony and Teen Titans Go! respectively.
    • Her own voice is an in-between of the 2 mentioned.
  • She is capable of tearing something part and putting it back together with some

additional bonuses.

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