Where in The World is Rudolph? is the part C episode of Our Verse's Season One Shorts.


This episode is strictly non-canon. The non-canon events are presumably after Ep 16 and before EP 17.

Peridot exited the Crystal Temple, and Alexandrite was casually dancing on the beach. “Womp Womp!” Alexandrite yelled as she slapped her butt. “This is highly aggravating” Peridot mumbled. “Oh YEAH?” Ame yelled. “Well check THIS OUT.” she said as she fused with Smoky Pearl. Smoky Opal fired an arrow at Alexandrite’s booty. Rudolph jumped in the air and caught it with her mouth. “Ha haaa!” Lapis laughed. Lapis flew into the sky and grabbed Rudolph. “Oh, Rudolph! You’re so HANDSOME AND STRONG... I absolutely love you!” Lapis said as she kissed Rudolph. Rudolph blushed, and then vanished. “W-WHERE’S RUDOLPH” Lapis cried. All of the gems looked at Lapis. Suddenly White Diamond appeared on Earth and kicked Alexandrite in the face. Peedee ran out and threw a fry and Yellow Diamond and she poofed.

Pyrope Garnet was sitting on the beach kissing herself. “Mm... you taste so GOOD!” Pyrope said to herself. “Wait a minute!” Rose Quartz said jumping out of her bubble in the Prisoner Room. She ran outside to the beach and ran up to Pyrope. “YO PYROPE, ISN’T TEAL SAPPHIRE POOFED? IF SO? HOW ARE YOU HERE?????” All of the gems looked at Pyrope. Kiki Pizza walked on the beach smoking weed, with a passed out Ronaldo on a leash being drug by her. “Yo yo, keep it DOWN... this episode not canon y’all.” she said. “Does that mean ANYTHING can happen?” Steven said.

“Anything at all, little man.” Kiki said taking another wiff of that blunt. Steven smiled. “I want Mom to appear!” he said excited. Everyone looked at Steven. There was dead silence for a solid 2 minutes, just cold stares. Steven uncomfortably waited for the silence to break. “Except that.” Kiki said. End.



Y'all Ready Know This Bitch Gonna Be Mention


  • It's not canon, I swear.


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