Jena gripped onto her cupcake backpack from Wacky Sacks Supply Co, while she walked up the newly-built staircase that led up to the house that the gems had built, just for her. She was filled with excitement and eagerness to begin her training to be an official Crystal Gem, so that she could save the world just as her mother did various times before. She took a deep breath and opened the screen door, and was met by Garnet, Amethyst, and Rose, who all had big smiles on their faces. Rose and Amethyst hugged Jena while Garnet smiled in the background, before Rose began to talk; "Welcome Jena! This is your new home, the Crystal Temple! Your room is ov-" she was interrupted, when Jena said, "W-when do I begin training?" Rose appeared slightly shocked by her statement, and Amethyst blinked with a clueless face. Garnet chuckled and walked to Jena's side, "I suppose she is just eager to begin..." she said, lying a hand on her shoulder. Rose's shocked expression quickly returned to her usual caring one, and she smiled sincerely; "Well then I suppose we should get going, yes?" Jena smiled and nodded, determined to jump right in so that she did not miss out on anything. She followed Rose as they walked to the temple door, and Jena stood by as Rose opened her door, and walked inside. Jena hopped in before the door closed, and watched as Rose wasted no time in creating a large colosseum-like arena, and a large pink sword with a rose scabbard. "You'll use this for now, until you learn how to harness your mothers potential." Rose winked and handed the sword to Jena, before she began walking into the colosseum. The pair walked through the arched entrance, and Rose stood on the opposite side of Jena, in front of her. Rose summoned her shield, and spoke softly, "Now, lower your stance and grip the sword tightly, as if your life depended on it... because one day, it will. Use both hands to deliver a swift left-diagonal swipe... work with the air, not against it. Jena silently followed her orders, and swiped at Rose with the sword, striking her shield. "Very nice, I could feel the power in that strike!" Hours must've passed before Rose finally forced Jena to quit for the day, even though Jena tried to refuse. "You'll expire before you want to quit... just like your mother." Rose giggled, and led Jena out of the room.

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