What He Wanted
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date August 29th, 2016
Written by Grace
Directed by XxRose'sLionxX
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"What He Wanted" is the 1st episode of the first season in Rainbow Gems, and the 1st overall episode of the series.


Grace is sent on a mission, to rebuild the original Rainbow Gems team.


A thirteen year old and a sixteen year old were fighting. "I AM NOT A DOOFUS!" The younger girl yelled, annoyed.

"Yeah, you totally are!" The older girl yelled, rolling her eyes. "I am gonna go, and not be next to Grace, you doof~"

"Yeah, I don't want to fight you Bella!" Bella walked off to her room, laughing. The mother of the two girls walked into the room, looking at Grace.

"We need to talk!"

Grace looked at her mother, scared. "What do you want?"

"To talk...about something your dad wanted to do."

"What did...daddy want to do?"

"Martinsite-I mean dad, wanted to look for the old member of his teams called the Rainbow Gems. I think Cream Pink Pearl was part of them, and could help you...Or I least that is what he told me!"

"Ooh, Cream Pink Pearl is cool! I would love for her to help me!"

"Haha, you should go. I will miss you!" The mother laughed, and clapped. Grace then walked away, smiling.

"So I really get to partner up with you?!"

Cream Pink Pearl nodded, laughing. "I can't believe I have to work with Martinsite's daughter!"

"Is that supposed to be a good thing...or...bad?"

"I meant it in a shocking way~! I didn't expect this, and this is supposed to be a compliment!"

Grace blushed, and nodded. "O-ok..."

"So where do we loo-"

"Pacific Islands first. I bet we will find either Smithsonite or Blue Moon Turquoise there."

"Ok!" Grace nodded, and laughed.




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