In Tao Gems, White Aquamarine and White Diamond make a plan to stop the Cluster bomb.


White Aquamarine held White Diamond's arm tight and ran into Pink Diamond's office.

"WE NEED THE DRILL! IT'S URGENT!" White Aquamarine yelled.

Pink Diamond looked up from the desk to White Aquamarine. "Wh---"


Pink Diamond tossed a control panel to White Aquamarine. The two ran out of the cabin and carefully examined the control panel. "Alright, let's go---"

"WAIT!" White Diamond yelled. "Wait until late afternoon. Yellow Diamond will KNOW something is suspicious if we use the drill automatically."

And they waited until they saw the sun and moon align. "Let's go!" White Aquamarine pressed a red button. In that second, a rocket ship sailed through the deep blue sky. The ground shook. A huge cube that allowed entrance that was made out of steel was in front of them... and there was a drill about as big as the cube itself in front of it.

"Go in," White Diamond said. White Aquamarine strolled in and White Diamond was the second.

"Alright," White Diamond said. She pressed a few buttons on the screen that showed the outside.

"We launch in T-Minus decem, novem, octo..."

"Wait! I forgot Steve!" "You bastard! STEVE, GET HERE QUICKLY!"

"Septem, sex..."

Steve ran out of the cabin and saw the machine. It was somewhat far away.

"Quinque, quattor, tribus..."

Steve ran as fast as he could to the ship. He wasn't going to make it...


Steve kept running, not knowing that he was not going to get to the ship in time.


Steve failed. The machine started to turn and drill. Steve went through the emergency exit, though.

"Steve! You're here!" White Aquamarine said. She high-fived Steve.


  • Pink Diamond
  • White Aquamarine
  • White Diamond
  • Steve Strait
  • Yellow Diamond (mentioned)

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