In Tao Gems, White Aquamarine, White Diamond, and Steve drill through Earth to destroy the Cluster bomb.


The cube kept drilling through the ground. It had been a day and 22 hours since they had started. Steve groaned. He seemed hungry. "Why can't you just eat the cigar?" White Aquamarine said.

White Diamond slapped White Aquamarine. "You fool, he can't eat that! You don't even eat them! Why should he?" White Diamond yelled.

White Diamond threw a piece of caramel at Steve through her gem. "Eat that," White Diamond said.

They kept on drilling. White Aquamarine said, "This place is sorta quiet... White Diamond, is there anything we can play?"

White Diamond put a CD in a compartment attached to the control panel. White Aquamarine looked through the screen. She thought it was just yesterday that she and Black Laced Onyx fused and got put in jail...

She looked at the Cluster bomb. It was visible. "Just a mile left," White Aquamarine thought. "A mile left and Earth is saved."

The drill finally arrived at the area where the Cluster bomb was... but it was stuck. "We don't have much time," White Diamond yelled. "Fifteen minutes is all we have!" White Diamond pressed several buttons carefully and the drill slowly went forward to destroy the Cluster bomb.

The drill got out. It began to drill into the Cluster bomb. However, the drill could possibly fail, White Aquamarine and White Diamond knew that. Steve was gasping in the corner. White Aquamarine yelled, "STOP!" once he saw a black gem shard and a red-pink gem shard. Her throat was stuck, as if she was choking.

She woke up. She was in a whole new world. She was surrounded by the gems being coated in spiritual skin to seem humanoid. She looked at one of the Gems.

"Need... to... awake! Need to wake up! Need to emerge! Need... to... destroy!" White Aquamarine yelled. "I WON'T LET IT!" She shattered the Gem with all her might with a quick punch. She turned to a Gem who seemed to have its full form... and she recognized him instantly.

"Black Laced Onyx! This can't be... it's you!" White Aquamarine stared at Onyx. She wasn't quite in the spiritual world yet. White Aquamarine tried to hold Onyx's hand but she phased through. The Gems yelled, "NEED... TO... EMERGE!"

They began to enlargen... "White Aquamarine... White Aquamarine! Wake up!" She was stuck. No way to get out. She was going to be the first to die.

The last thing White Aquamarine saw was Black Laced Onyx.


  • White Aquamarine
  • White Diamond
  • Steve Strait
  • Black Laced Onyx
  • Charoite
  • Thousands of Gems

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