Everybody is born different! Yet most of them spend their whole life trying to fit in and be the same as everyone else!


Vamp Red Beryl is an anthro wolf and gem hybrid species, along with a member of the Crystal Gems.

A wolf/Gem hybrid as a result of a lab experiment, Vamp is a unique creature, having both features of an animal and Gem. While only a puppy, Vamp has learned to find her place in the Crystal Gems, as well as form a special bond with Steven-a hybrid as well. Being the only one of her kind, Vamp strives to be the best she can be, despite her young age and indifference among the group.


Vamp is a black wolf puppy with white paws and red eyes, with three red dots above each eyebrow. She is the size of your average Beagle, and has a lithe body. Her gem-Red Beryl-is located on the back of her tail, which is tipped white. Vamp has claws that aren't retractable, although she can choose whether she wants them to cause injuries or not. Vamp is currently not grown and still walks on four legs, much to her disliking.


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