Pearl Party is the name of the new fanon on this wiki, that follows the story of six defective Pearls, as they are forced into a single apartment as part of a social experiment conducted by the Diamonds. This reality tv show-like fanon is conducted by Tsun, Yya, Grace, Jinx, Enchi, and Rena. 


  • Mocha Pearl - Extreme slobbish nature, and the fact she is always sleeping
  • Midnight Pearl - Very dangerous, and was corrupted so she only thinks of killing
  • Akoya Pearl - Extremely rebellious and thinks she is a sailor, very vulgar
  • Smoky Pearl - Very forgetful, remembers very little
  • Cream Pearl - Very lazy,  often does hobbies that are unimportant and sympathizes for humans and rebels
  • Tahitan Pearl- Extremely arrogant, and does not think of or do more than one thing at a time

I am posting this so the community can know of this series, and follow it. We are also in need of a person how can draw/create the rest of the pearls, other than Mocha