• Yesdemia

    Gemstone Requests

    August 21, 2016 by Yesdemia

    Heyo all. I am opening requests to create any gemstones that anyone wantsss. Note that I mean gemstones, as in the actual stone of a gem :3 

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  • Yesdemia

    Pearl Party

    August 8, 2016 by Yesdemia

    Pearl Party is the name of the new fanon on this wiki, that follows the story of six defective Pearls, as they are forced into a single apartment as part of a social experiment conducted by the Diamonds. This reality tv show-like fanon is conducted by Tsun, Yya, Grace, Jinx, Enchi, and Rena. 


    • Mocha Pearl - Extreme slobbish nature, and the fact she is always sleeping
    • Midnight Pearl - Very dangerous, and was corrupted so she only thinks of killing
    • Akoya Pearl - Extremely rebellious and thinks she is a sailor, very vulgar
    • Smoky Pearl - Very forgetful, remembers very little
    • Cream Pearl - Very lazy,  often does hobbies that are unimportant and sympathizes for humans and rebels
    • Tahitan Pearl- Extremely arrogant, and does not think of or do more than…
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