• SeptemberSapphire2501

    The episode starts with lapis peridot Steven and Connie at the barn Steven plays music and starts to dance with Connie and they fuse and become stevonnie, peridot interested ask how dose it feel to fuse.

    Stevonnie: it feels amazing

    Peridot: well I wouldn't know I've never fused befor. Back on home world the only time when you could fuse was when you where fighting and we peridots weren't made for fighting so we never had a reason to fuse.

    Lapis: trust me perri you not missing much (looks down in sadness)

    Stevonnie: lapis I know being fuse with jasper wasn't a good feeling but fusing is a deep connection that is special and you should let one bad experience ruin fusion for you.

    Jasper inside lapis head: Your A Monster.

    Lapis with a look of horror…

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