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yes hello it's me ur favourite.

for those of you who don't know, SPECIAL FUSION FUN-FUN TIME is an event where a bunch of fangems get fused together. great times.

the rules are:

1. you enter up to 3 gems (mind you'd be giving yourself a lot of work by doing this) for the main slot section, and if you'd like, a couple gems in the reserve section (no gem limit per person in reserve section)

2. once the main slot section is full, the gems are randomly paired together. i will update this blog with all the pairs. the owner of each gem in a pair then draws a fusion of the two (wow!!!!!!!!!!!). as simple as that! whatever details you and your partner agree upon are up to you.

3. now some of you will know that the previous SPECIAL FUSION FUN-FUN TIMES were weak in the aspect that hardly anyone ever finished their fusion pictures - this is where the reserve slot gems come in to save everything. should an artist not finish their fusion picture by a deadline which is to be determined once the pairs have been listed on this blog, a random reserve slot gem and artist will take their place, and the chosen reserve artist will try to get the fusion done ASAP. fine and dandy!

there's also a couple obvious that probably still need addressing for whatever reason:

  • YOUR CHOSEN GEM(S) MUST BE YOURS. this means no canon gems, too. you can enter someone else's gem if you have clear evidence you can show to me that indicates you have been given permission to enter that person's gem.
  • YOU MUST BE ABLE TO DRAW YOUR FUSION PIC(S). do not get someone else to draw it for you. that's stupid.

ok so i've done enough rambling. here's the slots:


1. Pepearl - Yellow Amber

2. Zynethyst - Lavendulan

3. Vivid Dreams - Contra Luz Opal











1. Zynethyst - Trapiche Diamond

2. Pepearl - Epidote





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