it her

UPDATE: deadline is september 16!

so im going to post this before i have to go and do way too much homework

this is black opal and she is a fusion. to adopt her, you need to design her components. after the deadline, i'll make a strawpoll where the winner will be chosen.

some stuff u should know:

-you can pick any two gems, although she would probably be made up of a pearl and a quartz.

-you don't necessarily need to draw your designs, but you would probably be narrowing your chance of winning if you didn't

-powers, personality and backstory are all good to include - you may or may not want to include all of those.

-once you win her, you're free to do what you want with her. her abilities, personality, backstory are all up to you. you could even tweak her design if you really wanted. whether she's a permafusion or not is also your choice.

so in conclusion yes please enter

side note: i've been taking a break from requests, but after i have all my homework done i'll be able to get to them! sorry for procastinating so much and yea bye