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    Let me stop you right there, no it doesent exist.

    A Steven Universe MMORPG

    So I’m a big fan of MMORPG’s, and that’s an understatement, if I had money to put into this hobby, it would turn into a way of life.

    And I know, an MMORPG? for a cartoon? But think about it! How awesome would it be, and I can’t just let it go without forming some sort of explaining it to you all!

    Scenario: A rebellion rages on a Colony that Homeworld established, the rebels, calling themselves the Crystal Gems, are fighting for their lives on this planet and their freedom, to choose whatever they want to be. 

    Led by a Rouge Quartz gem called Rose Quartz these gems are rapidly gaining supports and the defection from Homeworld’s ranks are increasing,

    Character Creation:


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