hi! i have like, serious art block so im just doing requests. please keep it simple

things i will do - weird doodles, ocs, canon characters, gemstones, corrupted gems, clustered gems >:^), SU backgrounds

things i wont do - NSFW, fetish art, crossover art (unless i know what things are being cross overed..)

also my tumblr is

so that's like, all! here is some of my art if you want a preview. 

Rainbow Quartz and Smokey Quartz modified

Rainbow and Smokey Quartz

Orange quartz

An OC, Orange Quartz


My OC, Kyanite

Please be descriptive if you are not providing a reference of what to draw.

Sometimes I may be doing a streaming my request, so feel free to join if I am! I will put a link here soon:

I can also ATTEMPT to do it in a more Steven Universe esque style. If you are not pleased I can always redo it at least twice then i'll probably just give up haha~

That's all!

<< My art style has gotten a little bit better since those two.