Tourmaline is Sol-pup's gemsona.


Tourmaline Reference Sheet

She has medium-length curly, tan hair with pink highlights which is always held in a small ponytail. She wears a top that crosses over itself and a skirt with a brown belt. Her skin is slightly lighter than her hair color and her eyes are a shade of purple. Tourmaline's gem is located on her lower back.


Tourmaline is a bubbly, positive and care-free gem. She loves her home on earth and sees everyday as a new adventure. She is only serious when is comes to certain things, and homeworld is a place she'd rather not speak of. She wasn't abused or anything, she just finds it hard to be positive about it when she had to live with Homeworld's negativity and war-driven Diamond generals for a good chunk of her life. She's very insensitive and doesn't understand certain human emotions so she gets incredibly awkward in situations that include a human being sad and when she tries to help out, she usually just makes the situation worse. She is very high maintenance and often finds herself in dangerous or rather awkward situations quite easily. However, that doesn't mean she is helpless. When faced with dangerous situations, her ideas usually contain using her gem weapon (a great sword) as she loves fighting dangerous creatures or using violence to solve problems during missions. 


Tourmaline's weapon is a greatsword. It has a large gemstone just above the hilt and small crystals of tourmaline on the base of the blade underneath the hilt. Her weapon is about half her size. She summons her weapon by reaching behind her back and pulling it out of her gemstone as if she was pulling it out of a sheath on her back.


Tourmaline doesn't know of all of her abilities yet. Aside from the typical gem powers (summoning her weapon and shapeshifting) she only knows of one special ability she has.

  • Electrical Currents - Tourmaline can generate natural electrical currents through her gem and shock things by touching them. The current isn't very powerful as she doesn't know how to fully harness the electrical powers. Because of her inexperience with the ability, she often ends up shocking herself and other by accident when attempting to use and perfect the ability.

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