Titanite is an OC created by CaramelizedCandy.


Titanite is rather short, slightly shorter than Amethyst. She's also quite skinny, with a very light yellow complexion as well. Her messy, light blonde hair goes down to her middle back. Her eyes, which are quite large, are a darker shade of yellow. Her gem is located on her chest, slightly covered by her dress.

Her strapless dress is a mustard yellow color that goes down below her knees. It's decorated with slightly dark borders around and in the middle of the torso, with a diamond symbol in the center of the borders. Tied around the waist of the dress is a bow, with the center of the bow being a diamond symbol. Her slippers are a golden shade of yellow.


Titanite is a soft-spoken gem. She doesn't like to talk that much, and is quite shy, to say the least. She's also quite friendly if you get to know her, and can be incredibly loyal. She also has amazing acrobatic skill, and is quite fast and stealthy. She'll only speak when spoken to, and is really polite to strangers.

As a member of Yellow Diamond's Court, she is very loyal to Homeworld and her diamond. But, her loyalty for Homeworld is only out of fear of being shattered. If she could, she'd probably run away from it all and live of Earth, but she doesn't want to get shattered, so she stays on Homeworld and does what she's told.


Titanite has most normal gem abilities, such as bubbling, weapon summoning, and etc. She is currently unable to shapeshift and fuse. She also has no unique powers as of now.


  • She blushes yellow, meaning that her blood is probably colored yellow.
  • She originally had an axe for a weapon, but this was changed to a staff.
  • She's honestly scared of fusion, and if she ever gains the ability to fuse, she most likely will rarely use it.
  • She's voiced by Hynden Walch.