For those who are reading my series, there is a strict timeline. While It mostly follows date of writing, some things are mixed around, so this is to avoid any confusion.

But before we begin, I have some notes:


  • The Sapphire that appears for one sentence in Origins and more frequently in The Diamonds is in fact the Sapphire that we know. She implies that she has a meeting with Blue Diamond, a.k.a. the one that appears in The Answer.
  • The same goes for the Peridot that appears in the intermission of The Diamonds, however this is more obvious since her facet and cut are mentioned (Facet 2F5L, Cut 5XG).
  • Rose and Pearl are heading to the meeting in The Answer in Rose Quartz.
  • This section will be added onto as we go on.

Without further to do, let's begin the timeline.


  • Origins
  • The Diamonds
  • Birth of Most Gems in the Series (~10000 years before the events of the actual show) (Pearl and RQ)
  • Sunstone's Writings and Notes (In Origins and The Diamonds)
  • Rose Quartz (Present Day) - Around the Same Time as Sunstone's events.
  • The Answer

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