Tiger's Eye Jasper
Tiger's Eye Jasper (Reformed)
Tiger's Eye Jasper.png

Beast Master


T.E. Jasper.






GenderlessIcon Genderless


6,000 +






Tiger's Eye Jasper

Professional Status

Homeworld (former)


Assassin (former)

Personal Status






Tiger's Eye Jasper is a combat veteran of the Great War, who was corrupted but healed by Rose Quartz. She's thinner than other Quartz Gems, and her Gemstone is hidden on her back, covered by her hair.


Tiger's Eye Jasper began her existence as a Homeworld Quartz warrior Gem created on Earth, but due to her different appearance, much of Homeworld figured she'll be replaced. However, she proved herself worthy enough to remain active over the course of years, proving just as strong as other Quartz, and faster as well. She fought bravely, and efficiently during the Great War between the Crystal Gems and Homeworld, fighting on the Homeworld side for the longest time as an Assassin Gem, which made her little known amongst the enemy at the time. However, when the end of the war came, she was left behind, and soon corrupted when the diamonds did a corruption blast on Earth to finish them off.

Tiger's Eye Jasper

Tiger's Eye Jasper as a Corrupted Gem.

The next two thousand years were a huge blur for her, thanks to the corruption, but overtime, she began to slowly, but surely, remember her former comrades and her affiliation with Homeworld. However, this just triggered her anger towards Homeworld, because she felt that they betrayed her after all she did for them by corrupting her to begin with. Overtime, she was eventually found by Rose Quartz herself, and healed by her tears. Rather than join her though, she stayed very well away - not liking the rebels anymore than the Homeworld Gems at that point.


Tiger's Eye Jasper is a tomboyish Gem, and a rather tough one as well. She doesn't like being looked down, or compared to other Quartz Gems due to just her appearance alone. As far as her views on other Quartzes go, she often considers them as nothing but fat brutes, though she secretly wishes she was made correctly so people can quit comparing her to a regular Quartz. She has a dislike towards other Gems, despite being one herself, and actually prefers to hang around with either animals or occasionally humans.


  • Shapeshifting - Tiger's Eye Quartz can change her appearance fairly well; able to grow, stretch, contract, or shrink three times over. She likes to make her body huge compared to other Gems though, since it makes her feel more like a normal Quartz.
  • Corrupted Gem Communication - Due to once being a Corrupted Gem herself, she's able to understand Corrupted Gems as easily as if they weren't corrupted at all. This ability gave her the title of Beast Master.
  • Agility - Unlike most Quartzes, Tiger's Eye Jasper is much more agile since her body is lighter and thinner to a regular Quartz.
  • Assassination - Tiger's Eye Quartz is a master at Assassination, and knows the in's and out's of how to do so. In human terms, she's considered an elite.

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