The Wandering Gem is the story of main protagonist, Black Diamond. Through out the first Season she will be traveling the Earth looking for a group of rebel gems. Season 1 starts out on Beach City for episodes 1 and 2 but quickly expands to multiple locations. The series in general holds a few intentional references to other peoples characters and/or fandoms (possibly hidden).

How to become an editor?

Just mention the episode you see requires editing, tell me what you think should be change, and offer to do it yourself. Though, you can only work on the Specific portions you said you were gonna change.

Extra Notes

  • An editor has full authorization to change up Black Diamond's Umbrakinesis moments however they seem fit, however weapons, personality, attire (if not passed and approved by me first), abilities, relationships (if not discussed with me), and personal info cannot be changed, altered, or in anyway affected (some restrictions to attire if at any point she has to retreat into her gem).
  • Editors may request for their character to have a guest starring role in ANY episode following the most recently aired.


Season 1

Episode# Title Aired in
1 Beach City 2015
2 Ice and Darkness 2015
3 Memories of Homeworld 2015
4 Two Black Gems 2016
5 Meeting Yellow 2016
6 Black and Blue 2016
7 Awakening 2016


Season Opening /Closing Theme

Season 1 Opening theme - Last One Standing by Simple Plan

Season 1 Ending theme - When can I see you Again? by Owl City

Season 2 Opening -TBA

Season 2 Ending - TBA

Black Diamond's theme - Ain't it fun by Paramore

Blue Howlite's theme - Awake and Alive by Skillet

Wulfenite's theme - First of the Year by Skrillex

Aegirine's theme - TBA

Black Moonstone's theme - Paredolia by Elena Siegman

Jayden Stone's Theme - Endless possibility by Jarret Reddick

Fight Scene Themes

  • Megalovania (Rock Version) by MandoPony
  • Spiderdance (Metal Version) by Nirre
  • Rules of Nature from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Sad Moment theme - Call Me by Shinedown

Aegirine x BD Theme - My Immortal by Evanescence

Blue Spinel’s Theme -Stamp on the Ground by Italio Brothers


  • As of May 5th 2016, all songs have been either some form of either the Rock, Metal, or Pop genres.
    • Also as of this date, Blue Howlite has been the only character with a duet as her theme.

Soundtrack Trivia

Song Names

  • Black Diamond's theme Ain't it fun is called Ain't it Nice (To Be Free From Homeworld).
    • It'll often play as an instrumental.
  • Blue Howlite's theme Awake and Alive is called Free yet Caged.
    • It portrays her freedom from Homeworld yet the corrupted form that she fears to loose to.

Fight Scene Music

  • The fight scene themes play under specific conditions.
    • Megalovania (Rock Version) plays in 1vs1 scenerios.
    • Spdierdance (metal Version) plays in fights including fusions.
    • Rules of Nature plays against either 1in rebel group vs homeworld group fights, Black Diamond vs Homeworld Fusion fights, or ??? fights.

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