The Trip
Season 2, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date September 1st, 2016
Written by Grace
Directed by XxRose'sLionxX
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What He Wanted Mystery Island

"The Trip" is the 2nd episode of the first season in Rainbow Gems, and the 2nd overall episode of the series.


Grace and Cream Pink Pearl try to figure out how to get to the Pacific Islands.


"Wait, let me get something!" Grace held up her hand to make a pause motion, then runs to her home, and returns with a pillow, purse, and blanket.

"You really need all that?!" Coral Pearl laughed.

Grace nodded, and looked at her, making a camera motion. "What do you need?" She jokingly replied back.

"Well...everything I have I carry in my pocket dimension. I could put your stuff in it, if you want." She said, very jokingly.

"Sure!" She gave the pillow and blanket to here. "I was joking...but ok!" Coral Pearl smiled, and put the pillow and blanket in her gem.

Grace patted her purse, smiling. "So how do we get there?"

"Want to take a plane?" The tan skinned Pearl replied.

"A boat!"

"A boat...You know how long that would take?!"

"..." Grace frowned, looking at her. "How long?"

"You are a doofus, but your sister is one too!"

"Oh....Tell me how long?"

"Definitely a week."

"OH, let's do a plane!" Grace smiled, hugging her.

"Sure....I have another way, but ok..."

"Wait...another way?"

"I have hydrokinesis. I can control the fucking sea!"

"Oh...And how...?"

Coral Pearl face palmed. "I will show you!" Coral Pearl shoved Grace into the water, and she walked into the water as well. She made a shield like ball of water surround the two, as Coral Pearl started walking.




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