The Pact is the part B episode of Our Verse's Season One Shorts.


Flashback. Rose entered Lion’s mane, exhausted. “Wow... Those gems nearly got me, again.. White Diamond is not going to be pleased.” she mumbled. She tidied up her dress. She walked over to Bismuth’s bubble. “What is with all of the junk in this stupid Lion?” she mumbled. “Ah, here it is.” Rose said as she put her hands on the bubble. She released Bismuth, and she formed. Bismuth landed. “W-where am I?” Bismuth said. “You are inside of a pocket dimension lion. I am Rose Quartz and I am here to turn you into a homeworld soldier.” Rose Quartz said. “W-what about the real Rose? The - the Crystal gem?! I ... I don’t understand” Bismuth said with a tear in her eye. “She’s gone, ... dead... the Crystal Gems themselves turned on her and killed her.” Rose said. “We don’t have much time, they’re outside right now ready to kill US too...” Rose said. Bismuth looked at Rose. “I... let’s get ‘em!” Bismuth growled. “That’s what I thought” Rose smirked. She grabbed Bismuth’s arm. “Time to kill these pesky Crystal gems” Rose said. They leaped into the air out of Lion. End.




  • This episode reveals Rose Quartz tricked Bismuth into following her.

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