This fanon series is created by MysticMyth. The series will follow a group of talented gems (called The Mythic Gems) on their adventures. They hail from a gem-colonized planet called Mythia.

The Mythic Gems were assigned to protect a small colony of Era-2 gems (which hail from Gem Homeworld) that reside on the planet Earth. 

Status: Some episode names and details are released, but actual episodes are not yet released. I hope to fully release Episodes 1-3 by August 20th. Stay tuned!

Episode 1 is fully released! 

I'm currently working on Episode 2! I'll fully release it by August 25th, but the date's subject to change.


This fanon series is discontinued, sorry!

Things You Need to Know Before You Start

1. Mythics are just regular gems that hail from the planet Mythia.

2. Gem "Years," on Mythia, establishes the number of years that the Gem/Mythic exists. 

3. Gems that have existed for 5,000 years or "younger" are taught their basic abilities (i.e, shape-shifting, creating a bubble and sending it off, summoning their weapon, etc). Mythics that have existed for 5,000-16,000 years go to a Gem Academy to sharpen their abilities, learn how to battle, learn how to fuse, and learn some of their own special abilities. 

4. On Mythia, instead of being ruled by The Great Diamond Authority, they're ruled by The Mythenite Authority. Mythenite is a gem native only to Mythia. Mythenite is created every 5,000,000 years in a special Kindergarten only used for the creation of Mythenites. Only 5 variations of Mythenite can be created, and only 5 can be created every 5,000,000 years. This is why 5 different Mythenites (Light, Dark, Red, Blue, and Yellow) rule Mythia.

5. The Mythenite Authority is basically like The Great Diamond Authority; it's a matriarchal body of Gem leaders who rule over their planet. On Mythia, every gem is born under the Mythenite Authority. They're ruled by the Authority. The Authority helped and worked alongside Rose Quartz and The Crystal Gems; Mythia despairs Gem Homeworld.

6. Mythia respects every type of gem, even in different forms. They do not believe in shattering or corrupting as punishment. They protect shattered gems and try to heal corrupted ones.

7.  In The Mythenite Authority, Mythics are sorted out by the color of their gem. White, light gray, multicolored and colorless gems are ruled under Light Mythenite, black and dark gray are ruled under Dark Mythenite, red, dark orange and pink gems are ruled under Red Mythenite, yellow, green and light orange gems are ruled under Yellow Mythenite, and blue and purple colored gems are ruled under Blue Mythenite.

8. Instead of parents, there are gems called Guardians. They pick which gem they want to care for and protect at a Kindergarten. Guardians have to exist for at least 25,000 years.


Season 1

Number Name Synopsis
1 The Origins The Mythic Gems are assembled by the leaders of the Mythic Authority. They’re given a duty; protect a small settlement of Era-2 gems (which hail from Gem Homeworld) for 15,000 years. 
2 Problems The group of Young Elites travel to Earth. On their way there, they have a rough encounter with a gem monster.
3 Terran Log Entry #1 After their rough journey, The Mythic Gems make it to the small Earth settlement, apparently called "Ocean Town". After her long, tiring first day, Scarlet Emerald listens to her first Terran log entry.
4 Memory Analcime and Azurite take Kunzite to a healer to fix her corrupted memory and her cracked gem.
5 HQ Setup During the mission to heal Kunzite, we see that the rest of the crew started to build Mythic Headquarters.
6 Fusion Trouble  When Kunzite comes back to Ocean Town, she discovers that her fusing powers are off.
7 Episode 7 TBA
8 Episode 8 TBA
9 Episode 9 TBA
10 Episode 10 TBA
11 Episode 11 TBA

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