This is the 16th episode of The Legend of Onix series and is the final episode of the first season


This episode is a musical and because of that, This episode will have not only instrumental songs but also written songs as well. Rather then just one link there will be two, the first will link to the instrumental of the paragraph if you don't want to read the song, but if you want to there is a link to the song were the singing begins in the song.


In a special musical episode, Steven, Greg, Rose, and Onix go on a trip to Empire City. But Onix cant seem to let go of his past with Rose.


In the Broadway show wicked the song is known as "No One Morns For The Wicked" but this song in the fanon is Referred to as "The King in Empire City".


The episode begins with Steven, Greg, and Rose on the beach relaxing in the sun with Greg playing his new keyboard guitar he bought. "Dad, I still cant believe after so long of our family being incomplete we finally have mom back." Greg smiles and says to him "Well Steven, our family was never incomplete, you always had your mom in your heart and in your thoughts, and even in your gem." Steven giggled a little then asked "I still cant believe that I made it possible for mom to be alive again, You know after all that we had to deal with it just makes it so much more wonderful." Rose held Greg's hand and said to Steven "This will be the start of something so wonderful Steven, I just don't know how things can get even better then this." Greg began to play a simple melody on his keyboard guitar and said "Perhaps a little music can make it even more wonderful, good thing I just started writing this new song." Steven was rather excited to hear a new song from his dad and said "awesome dad, lets hear it." Greg began to jam out on his guitar as the song "Singing Through Life (Legend of Onix)" begins. Greg began singing a sweet melody about how wonderful life is now and how music always makes it all the more wonderful. Rose and Steven danced to the music enjoying every tone and every note of the song. The two of them stopped dancing for a second and Steven said to Greg "Wow dad, that was amazing!" Greg was happy to see Steven still enjoying his songs that he plays and said to him "Thanks Steven, you know, I think now that Rose is back, perhaps we should go on a trip!" Stevens eyes went starry in excitement since he always loved going on trips with Greg. Now that Rose was back the trips they would go on would see all the more wonderful. "That sounds wonderful Greg, but were should we go." Greg began to think but Steven came up with an idea first. "perhaps queens land." Steven said, but Greg then said "nah maybe something in our country for now." Rose then came up with an idea saying "Maybe the stars like you always said in your songs." Greg chuckled a little and rubbed the back of his head saying "maybe another time." Greg thought hard then came the idea for the trip "I know, how about.... EMPIRE CITY!" Steven was extremely excited about this since he remembered the last time he went to Empire City. Rose never been there before but wanted to see the beautiful lights and life of Empire City. Steven then said happily and excitedly "That is perfect!" Rose thought so as well and said "Wonderful Greg, lets go to Empire city." The three of them were so excited about this trip since it would be the first trip ever as a whole family. Greg continued to sing as the three of them began walking back to the beach house to pack for the big trip. When they got in Greg was jamming out with his keyboard guitar as Rose and Steven were packing and singing to the song with Greg. The thoughts of them going to Empire City were so wonderful and exciting they knew that this would be a trip they would never forget. But something crossed Stevens mind as he remembered that Onix was still rather on edge with Greg and wanted to see if there was a way to get them on better terms. Steven thought hard about this and had an idea but was a little unsure about this since he remembered it almost ruined the last trip to Empire City if it wasn't for Steven and his song. But Steven had to do this as an attempt to Get Onix on Greg's good side.

Steven walked up to the two of them and said to them "Hey Onix, Mind if I talk to you for a second?" Onix gave a quick nod to Sapphire as he left the room giving Steven a chance to talk with him. Steven then said to Onix "Well its just that me and my mom and dad are going to Empire City and we were wondering if you wanted to come along." Onix was rather unsure about this and really didn't want to go mainly because of the fact he felt like Rose would not want him around. "um I don't think that is such a good idea Steven, Especially with my past. Besides its a family trip." Steven knew were Onix was coming from with this and said to him "well you are like family to us now, besides I bet you will have a wonderful time with my dad." Onix took a moment to think about this since he still didn't feel like it was a good idea to go along with them but Steven began to give his puppy dog eyes to him. Even for a king no one could resist Stevens cute puppy dog eye look. "you know what, ill come" Onix said. Steve was excited and cheered in happiness about this. Steven told Greg about this and while he wasn't sure this was a good idea especially for how Onix thinks of Greg but knew were this was going. Greg allowed it as they all packed the van and the 4 of them got into the van. The 4 of theme drove a few miles and arrived at the train station as a group of train station servers took there baggage's as they readied it for the train for when it arrived. the 4 of them were waiting for the train and Greg said to Steven "I have a special surprise for you at the city Steven." This got Steven rather excited about this and asked "ooooh, what is it?!" Greg giggled and said to him "well it wouldn't be a surprise then would it." Greg and Steven shared a hug with each other and Rose joined in as the two of them continue the song singing about how wonderful they are together but for Onix who herd them sing he felt even more hurt dealing with the reality that he cant be with Rose anymore. Suddenly the train steamed into the station and the conductor shouted "ALL ABORD!" as they finally got on the train. There baggage's were finally loaded on the train and as they began to head out as they finished the song together with the train steaming ahead to Empire City as they grew more excite the closer they got.

Steven began to look out the window after a while a began to see Empire city in the distance and soon hear a group of people singing which begins the song "One Short Day in the Empire City (Legend of Onix)" Steven asked Greg "Hey dad, were is that singing coming from?" Greg smiled as he said "You will see soon enough Steven" as the train pulled into the station of the city and the doors opened with many people dancing in the station to the music as they began to sing a massive musical number welcoming them to Empire City. The 4 of them got out of the train car and looked around at the grand city and even Onix was impressed from this new view of the city. There baggage's were taken to the hotel as they all began to go around the city with the singers going with them making it a massive musical day in the city. Steven realized this was the massive surprise especially since Greg had all of that money to do so as Greg, Rose, and Steven began to sing together. Together they sang about all the wonders of the city they experienced along there exploring all day in the city and while Onix was hesitant at first he joined in the singing as they made there way to Thickway which was knock for its amazing musicals and plays. They all took there seats in the front row as a private show for the 4 of them began about Empire city and even the 4 of them began to add there lyrics to the show as they enjoyed the show. They made there way out and Steven said "This is amazing dad!" Greg smiled and said to him "all for my little shtoo-ball" Seeing this actually made Onix for the first time give a smile and Rose noticed saying "Onix, your actually smiling again." Onix replied by saying "Well it wonderful to spend time with you and Steven." Steven herd him and said to him "And don't forget dad." Onix turned away slightly losing his smile and said "Yes, even dad." The sun begins to set and a limo pulled up for the 4 of them. "time to head to the hotel!" Greg said as they all got in and head to Le Hotel that already had all of there baggage's taken care of. As they entered it was like a massive Broadway production with line dancers, sparklers, and beautiful lights to make it more show like. They all made there way to the dining room and had a wonderful dinner featuring the finest stake and brie, except for Onix since he dose not like eating. After there meal the desk clerk gave the key to Greg's sweet and the 4 of them are taken to there sweet that was actually the same one that Greg and Steven stayed in the last time they were there. Steven and Greg got into there tux's and began to dance to the music as well as Rose and Onix joining the dance. They all enjoyed the music and Greg began to dance with rose like they did when he tried to fuse with her the first time. It was quite romantic together even with all the musical production happening in the background. Greg said to her "I love you rose" as the two share a kiss which left Onix rather hurt from seeing this as he walked out of the sweet as the song ends.

Greg and Rose held each other happy to be together but Steven noticed that Onix walked out of the sweet. Steven decided to see if he could talk to him as he walked out and began to search through the hotel. Eventually he did manage to find him sitting at the hotel bar by himself with a bar tender giving him a scotch on the rocks with a cherry. Steven sat next to him and said "Hey Onix, I was wondering if you were ok." Onix sighed as he drunk down his scotch and said to him "I'm fine, its just that I have been dealing with so much in these past few days lately especially with just returning from my evil form." The Bartender walked to Steven and asked "What would you like sir?" Steven then said in an elegant voice "whole milk with no ice please." The Bartender gave him his milk and then asked Onix "Just wondering, are you enjoying the trip?" Onix sighed and said to him "I will be honest with you Steven, I am enjoying our trip but its the past that is effecting me, especially since your dad and Rose are being so lovey dovey in front of me, I know they are not trying to pull my heart strings or anything like that but still when you loved someone for so long it feels like your life is incomplete without them." Steven understood why Onix felt this way and continued drinking his milk. "But I must ask Onix, if you loved Rose so much why did you break up with her?" Onix drank more of his scotch and told him "Well Steven, if I tell you, you cant tell Rose about this, she probably will think I am just spreading lies." Steven nodded to him as he finished his milk ready to listen to Onix." "A long time ago on the day I was going to propose to your mother. It was to be wonderful for the two of us but the royal council who ruled over different galaxies didn't approve of this idea since Rose was just a quartz and not a royal class gem like me or an elemental gem. I never wanted to leave my love, but they vowed that if I didn't leave her and took her rank away they would have shattered her. I couldn't stand by and let them kill them. Even though I am a powerful gem the amount of elementals equaled critical mass so I had no choice. I left her and took away her rank. She was devastated from this and so was I. Ever since then I had been in a great state of depression that could never be healed." Steven was surprised that Onix gave up everything for her and told him "You truly are a great gem Onix, I hope I can help you get better." Steven paid for his milk and went back to the sweet as Onix stayed at the bar eating the cherry and paid for his scotch. Later that evening he went back to the sweet but the others had fallen asleep.

Onix walked back to the sweet still depressed about being in a life without Rose by his side anymore. He walked to a beautiful grand piano in the room and saw a beautiful pink rose in a vase on the piano. Onix sat down in front of the keys and began to play a beautiful yet simple song called "I'm Not That Boy (Legend of Onix)" He poured his heart out in the song singing about how he feels completely empty now that him and Rose can never be together again. But as he was beginning to play Rose awakens and heads Onix sing the song catching her attention. She walked out of the bedroom of the sweet and saw him play his song on the piano. Rose quietly began to walk down the stairs not making a sound to hear Onix continue playing. As the song went on Onix felt the void in his heart grew realizing that even though he dose think of what might have been he as to deal with the cold reality. This song left Rose completely speechless hearing in his voice how much he truly loved her even to this day. Onix continued playing his melody as his shadow turned into him and rose together. But when a third shadow appeared that was Greg, the Rose shadow turned to him leaving Onix alone forever. Onix then grabbed the rose and kissed the bud as he held it close to him playing more of the song with his free hand. Onix ended the song as he began to cry over the keys of the piano and Rose gently set her hand on his shoulder causing Onix to be rather startled by this. "Rose!?, you herd that.." Rose was stary eyed from hearing the song and said "Onix..." but before she could finish saying anything Onix disappeared in a void of shadows leaving the room again. Steven and Greg walked out of the bedroom as well having to hear the song as well. "I cant believe it, he still loves me.... but why dose he after he left me?" Steven knew he promised Onix but this was something that he had to tell Rose. Steven told Greg and Rose what Onix told him at the bar leaving Rose completely surprised by this especially since he didn't leave her because he wanted to, he left her for her own safety. Greg then said "Onix has really sacrificed a lot for you Rose, I can see why he doesn't like me now.... ill go talk to him." Greg began to walk back down to the bar to see if he could find him there again. (Start at :20)

Greg went down stairs back to the hotel bar and saw Onix sitting there again with a glass of scotch in his hand with a cherry in it. "Even my Favorite drink cant heal the pain I feel." Onix said as he began to drink down the last of his scotch. Greg began to walk over to Onix to see if he could talk to him about the whole thing with Rose. "Onix, can we talk for a second?" Onix sighed and said in a slightly rude tone "What do you want Greg?" Greg sat next to him and said to him "Listen I know you had a past with Rose but you can just keep wallowing in your pain like this." Onix ate the cherry as he herd this from Greg and said "You wouldn't understand a thing about this Greg." Onix stood up from the bar and took off his crown and using his magic was able to manipulate it into a form of microphone for him to use, and using his magic enchanted the instruments in the bar to play a melody for him. Onix then began to sing "For The Better (Legend of Onix)" as he began to sing such a beautiful melody telling how he loved Rose and even though he had to give her up he still loved her which left Rose and Greg rather speechless from the song. Greg saw how much he truly cared for her as he began to sing with him but this time singing about how he knew how much he cared for her and that he wanted her to be happy even when he was gone. He sang in a beautiful voice how he knew his life wouldn't last forever and that one day he like all humans would have to perish. So he told him that he wanted the best for rose and in the song sang how he wants Onix to look after his family when he is gone to love them and to care for them till the very end. Onix was simply astounded from Greg and for the first time he actually did feel like his world was beginning to be restored. Onix then said to Greg "Greg, I promise that if anything happens to you I will be there for Rose and Steven." Greg smiled to him and said "She mentioned to me about you before, saying how she saw a bit of you in me." Onix actually gave a smile again and said to him "Greg, I'm sorry for being rude to you, can be make a truce" Onix smiled to him and offered his hand saying "definitely your highness" as he shook his hand as the two began to sing a beautiful duet saying how because of each other Rose has been happy in life and how all they wanted was for her to be happy. The song began to end as the two of them finally shared a hug as the audience began to cheer which ends the episode.


  • Steven Universe
  • Greg
  • Rose Quartz
  • Onix
  • Sapphire (cameo)
  • Citizens of Empire City
  • Le Hotel Desk Clerk
  • Le Hotel Servers
  • Le Hotel Bar Tender
  • Conductor
  • Train Station Servers


1.Singing Through Life (Legend of Onix)

2.One Short Day in the Empire City (Legend of Onix)

3.I'm Not That Boy (Legend of Onix)

4.For The Better (Legend of Onix)


  • This episode was based on the Steven Universe episode "Mr. Greg"
  • The written songs are based on songs from the Broadway musical Wicked
  • Onix is shown to still love Rose
    • And seems to be quite bitter to Greg
  • The hotel they go to is the same hotel that was in the episode "Mr. Greg"
  • This is the first time Onix tells someone about what happened the day he broke up with Rose

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