HPFE diamonds

The Judgment is the second episode in Homeworld past furture Earth



Angel aura Quartz

Angel aura Quartz(Blue aura)(Non-speaking)

Angel aura Quartz(Yellow aura)(Non-speaking)

Angel aura Quartz(Pink aura)(Non-speaking)


White Diamond

Yellow Diamond

Blue Diamond

Pink Diamond


Yellow Pearl


Fluorite has been captured and is to be judged by the diamonds.


Fluorite awakens to two Jaspers carrying him to White Diamond's chambers.

[White Diamond]"You may let go of him"

[Yellow Diamond]"Are you cracked he can break a gem's form in a second"

[Blue Diamond]"This doesn't seem like a good idea"

[Pink Diamond]"Don't worry White Diamond I trust you"

[White Diamond]"Thank you Pink Diamond at least on of you trust my actions"

Fluorite regains consciousness and looks around to see The great diamond authority.

[Fluorite]"Oh great the great scumbag authority"

[Yellow Pearl]"Shut you mouth you filthy fluorite"

[Yellow Diamond]"Calm yourself pearl"

[Fluorite]So let me ,guess what are my motives? ,where is my companion? well I'm not telling you nothing

[White Diamond]"Well that's to bad, Pearl check to make sure he has no weapons"

[White Pearl]"Y..Yes my Diamond"

White pearl looks and checks fluorite, and fluorite looks into the pearl's eyes and saw something incredibly different about her.

[White Pearl]"He's clean my Diamond"

[White Diamond]"So If I heard you correctly you won't tell me anything"

[Fluorite]"That's right do your worst I won't say a thing

A door suddenly open to revel four Angel aura Quartz's and a badly injured crystal, Fluorite looked with anger and ran at the Angel aura's

[Fluorite]"YOU MONSTERS!"

Fluorite was immediately kick on the floor by White diamond's Angel aura with a sword pointed to Fluorite's neck.

[Angel aura Quartz]"Don't try attacking my team without a plan you filthy fluorite"

[White Diamond]"At ease Angel aura"

[Angel aura Quartz]"Of course my Diamond, You got off lucky filthy fluorite"

Fluorite got up and sighed

[Fluorite]"Fine me and crystal were going to escape this terrible world to a new one and we fused to try and escape"

[White Diamond]"So you fused with a member of my court I should break you for that little stunt"

[Yellow Diamond]"That sounds like a splendid idea"

[Blue Diamond]"I agree with Yellow, break him before he breaks us"

[Pink Diamond]"I suppose it's the right thing to do"

White Diamond pauses and breathes for a moment as the other wait for her next word

[White Diamond]"But you are the last fluorite in existence so I give you a choice..."


[White Diamond]"SILENCE!"

Everyone quivered as White diamond yelled and stayed quiet

[White Diamond]"As I was saying I give you a choice either you do as I command or I put you in a cell and make you watch as I torture your precious Crystal"

Fluorite's eyes widen and look back at crystal who is struggling to get on her feet

[Crystal]"Fluorite don't do it I'll be fine you don't have to do this"

[White Diamond]"You know what I'll make it better"

White diamond quickly grabbed crystal before Fluorite could even react



[White Diamond]"Work for me or I'LL BREAK HER!"

Fluorite stood silent for a moment he went on his knees and sighed

[Fluorite]"I'll do it"

[Crystal]"NO DON'T"

[Angel aura Quartz]"SHUT YOUR MOUTH CRYSTAL"

[White Diamond]"Excellent, Yellow assign Fluorite to a manager"

[Fluorite]"Question what am I even going to do?"

[White Diamond]"It's quite simple actually, you are going to shatter any gem who dares to oppose to the authority "

Fluorite's eyes widen in fear as he realizes he is going to kill gems

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