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The Jade Chronicles is a series by Lollama13, it follows the group of rebels who call themselves the Jadeites, who were once lead by the Gem known as Jade, but after a war broke out on Earth, the group is much smaller and is lead by Cuprite.

This series is set in an alternate universe to the proper SU series, so if things seem innacurate compared to the canon or even too similar, that's why.


Hundreds of years in the past, Yellow Diamond was defeated by the Crystal Gems, leaving Homeworld without a leader. The Gem known as Red Diamond and her sister, Blue Diamond took over the planet and called war on Earth once again, a large group of Gems, lead by Jade, fought for Earth and almost took down the Homeworld army. After the war, the group was left much smaller and Jade was almost destroyed, she was healed and met a human, they fell in love had a daughter, who Jade morphed into after some time. Now the kid, Anais Jade Cresti, is raised by three of the remaining Jadeites, Cuprite, Cat's Eye and Spinel, who are searching to rebuild the army to defeat Red Diamond and Blue Diamond.



Name Weapon Power
Cuprite Chakrams N/A
Cat's Eye Bo Staff N/A
Spinel Katana N/A
Anais Jade Katar N/A
Maw-Sit-Sit N/A Phytokinesis
Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown Unknown


Name Weapon Power
Red Diamond Unknown Unknown
Red Spinel Unknown N/A
Blue Diamond Unknown Unknown
Blue Spinel Unknown N/A
Topaz Brass Knuckles N/A


Season 1

Title Synopsis
"Homeschool" The Jadeites' base is attacked while Anais is being taught about Gem history and culture.
"Way of the Sword" Spinel and Cat's Eye show Anais what it's like to be in a proper fight.
"Blades of Justice" Anais summons her Gem weapons for the first time.
"To The Skies" The team leaves for a very important mission to find an old Jadeite.
"Castle in the Clouds" The Jadeites finally find Maw-Sit-Sit in a castle and Cuprite fuses with Spinel to save their old friend from a monster
"Home Sweet Home" The Jadeites, now with a new member, finally return to their temple, but their happiness does not last long.
"Homeworld Sweet Homeworld" Aboard the Homeworld battleship, Cuprite fights the Commander, Topaz, while her friends bring the ship down.

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