The Homeworld Gems is a story about the adventures of a group of high ranking Homeworld gems under the rule of White Diamond.


Taking place 5,750 years after The Gem War, the series follows the adventures of a group of Homeworld Gems under White Diamond. The story is told from the perspective of Emerald, a young gem eager to explore Homeworld's empire.

Episode List

Season One

Episode Title Synopsis
1 New Friend Emerald and Morganite take a trip to the Kindergarten.
2 Foolish Fusion Emerald wonders what it's like to be fused.
3 Illusion Island Emerald tries to find Tourmilated Quartz a new home.
4 Meteor Shower Emerald and Morganite discover a new "threat" to Homeworld, and it's up to them to stop it.
5 Golden Gem TBA
6 Planet Pearl TBA
7 Back to the Kindgergarten TBA
8 Prototype TBA
9 In the Dark TBA
10 Shining TBA
11 Last Gem Standing TBA
12 Solar Flare TBA
13 Crime and Punishment TBA
14 Home TBA

Season Two

Episode Title Synopsis
1 Bloodstone TBA
2 Return to Planet Pearl TBA
3 The Arena TBA
4 Old Friends TBA
5 Thousand Year Story TBA
6 Just One Wish TBA
7 Cosmic Search TBA
8 Electric Gem Shards TBA
9 Fusion Fight TBA
10 Starship Nova TBA
11 The Sun and The Moon TBA
12 Wish Granting Star TBA
13 Crash Landing TBA
14 Gem Dreams TBA


  • The Homeworld Gems was previously a series on the Steven Universe Fanon wiki.

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