The Grand Crystal Foundation(TGCF) is an organization of gems to help runts, defective gems and other outcasts in Gem Society. Not much is known about them, other than that they have a rivalry between Stellar Gems. They also've made their own planet, where their residence is located.



Spirit Quartz is the founder and presidetn of TGCF. Before that, she was under Blue Moon Diamond's court. She also was Pyrope's friend. She is very calm, and says that every gem has worth. Rumors say that she is actually a successful gem experiment, and has a lot more power than gems think.

Branch Chief

Chalcedony is the branch chief of TGCF. She is very kind, and pretty shy. Before joining the TGCF, she was under Purple Diamond's court.

Branch Chief Assistant

Obsidian is Chalcedony's assistant. She is very strict, but quiet most of the time. Before joining the TGCF, she was under Black Diamond's court.


Although there are a lot of TGCF employees, most "notable" ones are:

  • Peaches(Peach Jasper) - saved TGCF's residence from raiding, has Medal "For Heroic Deeds" of 3rd Grade and "Loyalty" of 4th Grade. Seems to be way more peaceful than other Jaspers.
  • Sky(Opalite) - saved the Branch Chief' from shattering, has Medal "For Heroic Deeds" of 2nd Grade and "Loyalty" of 4th Grade. Described by gems as "very polite".
  • Mango(Jasper) - saved the group of 3 runts on mission on Altvalora-Delta. Has Medal "For Heroic Deeds" of 2nd Grade and "Loyalty" of 3rd Grade. Is very joyful and active.


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