The Gems of the Apocalypse are 4 powerful gems that plan on a complete conquer of the universe itself.


The Gems of the Apocalypse were said to originally be created by Dark Obsidian and was believed to be the leader of these 4 gems. Each of them were wronged by the brothers in a form of way and as in effect wanted to bring there reign to an end and have a new era wear Dark Obsidian will take the throne. But when Dark Obsidian was banished to another dimension the Gem order was halted to a stop. For ages the gems of this group wanted to bring him back in an attempt to continue wear they left off in there attempt to bring the gem race to there knees.


Each of the Members of order represent a form of evil, depending on the traits of the gem results in there representation.

Dark Obsidian (Treachery/Pure Evil):Dark Obsidian is the leader of the 4 and the Most Evil of them all, Dark Obsidian leads with a rod of iron never forgiving any form of familiar of his followers. Because of his treachery towards the brothers and his black hearted nature, he represents the horrific attributes of Treachery and the very definition of evil to the gem world.

Charoite (Trickery/Frauduary): Charoite is the right hand gem of the 4 and an enforcer to the two lesser of the group. He is a powerful gem of voodoo magic but his most power ability is not from magic, but rather from his words. Because of how manipulative and deceiving he is, he represents the sneaky snake like attributes of trickery and frauduary.

Lady Ruby (Anger/Lust/Violence): Lady Ruby is the power house of the 4 being a complete devastator on the battle field. Once a past lover of Lord Sapphire now she is a rouge warrior who will do anything to bring down him and the rest of the brotherhood. With her hot temper, violent nature, and her hidden feelings still burning for the ice lord, she represents the burning forces of lust, violence, and anger.

Hematite (Greed/Vanity/Mischief): Hematite is the spy of the 4 using his ghostly powers in order to gain information for the rest of the 4. He is shown to be extremely selfish believe how he is the perfect gem. but even with this factor its not his worst. He is shown to be quite greedy and loves to stir up mischief just for the fun of it. With his mischievous power, narcissistic nature, and his greed fueled spirit, he possesses the ghostly forces of greed, vanity, and mischief.


  • The 4 are based on the riders of the apocalypse
  • To the gems the apocalypse doesn't mean the end of the world
    • it means the day when Dark Obsidian will take the throne.

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