Hello! This series is made by Copper-kun. This series is about the corrupted gems or gems that were shattered.

Main Characters / Crystal Gems

  • Desert Glass (Gem: Desert Glass)
  • Ice Monster (Gem: Celestite)
  • Heaven Beetle (Gem: Titanite)
  • Crab Gem Monster (Gem: Carnelian)

Antagonists / Homeworld Gems

  • Pink Diamond
  • Pyramid Temple Gem (Gem: Haven't thought of any)
  • Watermelon Tourmaline
  • Centipeetle (Gem: Emerald)
  • Centipeetle's Crew (Gems: Emerald)

Kindergarden Gems

  • Cobbled Beta Kindergarten Monster (Gem: Cobbled Quartz)
  • Green Striped Beta Kindergarten Monster (Gem: Green Quartz)
  • Red Stripped Beta Kindergarten Monster (Gem: Red Quartz)

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