The Beggining
Season 1, Episode 1
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Air date 13.07.2016
Written by Japkot
Directed by Japkot
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This episode is a One-Shot for General Onyx, right before the Rebellion started...



Onyx sighed as she walked around the busy Kindergarden, filled with Peridots scurrying around everywhere to do their assigned works, everything was going good, and it warranted no more inspection then she had done yesterday and the day before, the Kindergarden was growing rapidly and it was all going according to the will of the Diamonds.

But the actual truth was she needed to see the stars, they had always cleared her mind when something was eating away at her, and Diamonds, something did...

The feeling had accompanied her since this morning, when the Peridots had given her a report when she was speaking with Rose Quartz about the current situation of the two currently active Kindergardens, something about the draining of life and the near emergence of the first gems cue. She didn't know what it was about that moment that bugged her so greatly but it did,

And she didn't like it...

But she was somewhat comforted, during all these centuries, nothing severe had happened that would warrant such feelings, and the Homeworld Empire was growing ever so steadily throught the galaxy and it would continue to grow with the glorious Diamonds leading them...

So she shook her head, and dismissed the negative thoughts from her head as she progressed towards the warp pad, she had given the proper instructions to her Peridot so if she was needed in any case, her Peridot would steer them the right way. (She Hoped)

The Warp Pad lit up as she stepped on it, and she was off.

She stepped off of the warp, to the Galaxy Warp, no one was there, which confused her more then anything else, but she refused to let the bad feelings return, so she paid it no mind, and walked off to a designated warp pad.

And she was off again, to a grassy plains, filled with young trees that were just sprouting up from the ground, she smiled as she looked up into the stars, and saw the distinct gleam of her home, the home she had fought for, for countless centuries...

She laid on the grass, and continued gazing up at the stars, and listened to the sound of the wind a smile on her face.


  • Onyx' retreat was the barn!
    • There needed to be a place where the galaxy was confirmed to be seen, and there is an established Warp Pad there so it was convinent for moi.
  • Onyx' bad feelings were because of Rose, which you already may have guessed
  • This episode is an introduction chapter with almost nothing in it, I swear the next one will be better and more action packed!

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