The Beach Penthouse is the home of St Rose Quartz Academy's elite team, the Next Gen Crystal Gems. It was built on the site of Steven's old beach house after it was destroyed during the 2nd war.


The Penthouse is a very large dwelling. It has 4 on ground floors and connects as an entrance to the Crystal Temple. It has numerous glass panelings across the roof and large windows. The first floor is the entrance which opens up to a very large living room with a very large TV with a dvd player and numerous video games and consoles and white couches, a gourmet kitchen and balcony to the beach. There is a spiraling wine cellar in the kitchen floor as well as a large dining room. There are glass stairs that lead up to the second floor where the gender segregated rooms are. Each room has 2 sets of bunk beds connected to the walls designed to modern standards. The bathrooms are of course also gender segregated. The third floor has a small library and art room, as well as a dance studio, gymnastics and training room and music room. The fourth and final floor is a skyloft only permitted to the girls (after a party accident which the boys were responsible for) it is completely covered in cushions and large windows stretching from the floor to the ceiling. A large movie screen sits at the end of the room as well as a mini fridge and microwave. They place that the boys exclusively have access to is the mini onsen they found which is only accessible via the the fireplace and is kept as a secret hang out from the girls. It also acts as a game room with a mini bar. The basement has a garage and dens for the pets.

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