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The-Not-So-Amazing Duo is an animated fan-series by Kunzite-Spodumene.

The fanseries is focused on two characters: Andamooka Opal, and half-gem half-pyrokrae Evlori, who work together as partners in crime.



Minor Characters




The Star Ruby Crew
The Blue Gem Guardians


Grand Premiere Special

Grand Premiere Special drawn by Kunzite-Spodumene.

Season One

Episode No. Episode Title Synopsis Air Date
1 The Meeting Evlori meets her partner. TBA
2 Mission Delusion Evlori thinks that she goes on a mission, but something's not right. TBA
3 My Apologies Andamooka Opal tries to apologize. TBA
4 Busted! The duo gets busted while being on a mission. TBA
5 Under Arrest(Part 1) Evlori gets grounded, while Andamooka Opal is delivered to the Intergalactic Jail. TBA
6 Unlocked Evlori escapes and tries to rescue her partner. TBA
7 Sugary Craze Andamooka Opal eats some sugar, but then things go crazy. TBA
8 Magnetic Trouble The duo becomes a trio, but Evlori suspects something. TBA
9 Starry Disadvantage Andamooka and Evlori meet a gem, but then they get fooled. TBA
10 The Blue Gem Guardians Evlori and Anda get inside Blue Diamond's residence for artifacts, but get spotted by the guards. TBA
11 Together Opposites The story about Poudretteite and Alriah's relationship. TBA
12 Unpleasant Visit The Homeworld Gems arrive. TBA
13 Lunar Gem(Part 1) TBA TBA
14 Back to Homeworld(Part 2) TBA TBA
15 Sapphfraud TBA TBA
16 On The Edge(Part 1) TBA TBA
17 The Incredible Matrix(Part 2) TBA TBA
18 Shatter Festival TBA TBA
19 Stop With Crime(Part 1) TBA TBA
20 Gem Terror(Part 2) TBA TBA
21 No To Invasion!(Part 3) TBA TBA

Season 2




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