Tao Gems is a series about two Gems representing the Yin and Yang. It is owned by Miranyne.

Where it takes place

  • Season 1: Homeworld before the Rebellion
  • Season 2: Earth during the Rebellion
  • Season 3: Earth a year after the Rebellion
  • Season 4: Earth during the canon, debuting after Monster Reunion

 Characters (currently)

  • Black Laced Onyx
  • White Aquamarine/Album Aquamarine
  • Snowflake Obsidian (supporting)
  • Yellow Diamond
  • White Diamond
  • Blue Diamond (minor)
  • Pink Diamond (minor)
  • Blue Pearl (minor)
  • Charoite
  • Rose Quartz
  • Steve Strait
  • Moussaieff Red Diamond
  • Galaxite
  • Deenutzite


  • The characters are similar to Reshiram and Zekrom from Pokemon. How this is true will be found out as the series go on. The current hints are their color adjectives and their statuses as "Yin" and "Yang".
  • The creator considers White Aquamarine as the main protagonist, though it is up to personal preference.
  • Originally, Moussaieff Red Diamond was going to be a Gem called Calcite due to its gray appearance matching Kyurem, however, it was replaced by Red Diamond, because the creator thought that a Diamond towering over them would make more sense.
  • Few Things To Mention (Tao Gems)


Season 1: Life in Lithos

Season 2: The Rebellion

Season 3: The Diamonds' Court

Season 4: The Gem War