Sweet Dreams is the part A episode of Our Verse's Season One Shorts.


“Maroon... Maroon Peridot....” There was silence. “Maroon Peridot, Wake up!” someone shouted. Maroon Peridot opened her eyes. She was inside of her gem, unformed. She looked around, it was an empty place. “Where am I?” Maroon Peridot said. “You’re inside your gem.. I’m communicating to you via gem sleeping...” the voice said. “Can you try reforming?” the voice said. “N-no.. I think i’m bubbled.” Maroon said. “It’s Rose Quartz.. I’m stuck in a bubble too.” the voice mumbled. “W-what are we going to do?” Maroon shouted. “Nothing. We failed.” The voice echoed. Maroon Peridot sat down and buried her face in her lap. “This sucks..” she grumpily said. End.




  • This episode reveals Rose Quartz in her sleeping state is now residing in Peridot's gem, and the two are talking frequently.

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