This is the first episode in the Mystical Gems fanon and the first episode overall!

Summer Skies
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date 7/13/16
Written by Jinx and Grace
Directed by Unknown
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It was a calm, summer day. The breeze was nice, and there was a large temple, shining in the field. A teal gem was sitting outside. A brown gem walked up to her and giggled. "It is such a warm day!"

Teal Zircon blinked, smiling.

"It is very warm, probably because of the season."

"And where we live." The other gem added.

"Oof. Ooh, the grass is comfy." Teal plopped down on her back.

"I guess it is. Hehe."

Teal Zircon looked up at her friend. "So what's up with you?"

"I don't know, Teal."

Teal looked confused.


"Today is just weird for me." ve shivers.

Teal sits up, and pats Contra's back. "You want to know why?" Teal nods. "THIS IS THE FIRST EPISODE OF MYSTICAL GEMS!"

Teal Zircon looks confused. "What." Contra Luz Opal just laughs. "We are in a fictional world...being controlled by real people...or at least I think we are." Ve just shrugs.

Teal Zircon looked even more confused.


Contra Luz Opal just shakes her head. "I never said they were aliens, just people." Teal faints. "Huh..?!"

Contra Luz Opal shakes Teal Zircon, scared. Contra Luz Opal then sighs, as she heads for the leader of her team. Oynx is sitting, giggling to herself. Contra then walked up behind her, and then pushed her a little.

Oynx jumped slightly, and blinked. "Oh! Hello, Con." Contra waved. "Hello!"

Onyx blushes and stands, slightly embarrassed.

"Whats up?"

"I may or may not have made Teal Z mentioning and talking about the fourth wall."

Onyx does a childish laugh, and smiles.

"Tealie does do that."

" are aware of the fourth wall...or...?"

"Yes, I'm aware."

Onyx points to the screen.

"Haha...we are the only ones aware right now."

"Oddly enough. But, where's Tealie?"

"I would show you...but...y'know."

"Oh, yeah."

Teal walks in, with a bowl of ice cream.

"I woke up."


"Yeh. Agate brought me ice cream, that always works."


Teal plops by Contra's feet, and continues eating ice cream.


  • Teal Zircon
  • Contra Luz Opal
  • Red Banded Onyx
  • Speckled Agate



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