Strong in a different way is the 2nd episode of Steven Universe & The New Crystal Gems


Theme Song

Lapis: (warps in) Hey Steven.

Peridot: Sup.

Steven: Hi Lapis & Peridot.

Spike: Lapis?

Crystal: Peri?

Lapis & Peridot: Twins?

"Spike & Crystal hug Lapis & Peridot"

Lapis: I haven't seen you guys since home world brought you back.

Spike: Yeah.

Peridot: How are you guys?

Crystal: Good.

Spike: It's so crazy to see you two again.

Lapis: Same.

Steven: Guessing you guys know each other.

Peridot: Yeah.

Lapis: Spike & Crystal are really cool people.

Steven: I've heard.

Lapis: So why did you guys come back?

Crystal: The others asked if we can watch over Steven.

Lapis: Cool.

Spike: So why are you guys here on Earth?

Peridot: We leave here now, I'm actually the new leader of the Crystal Gems.

Crystal: "confused" Congrats.

Steven: Now that's over w/, what shall we do today?

Spike: Well-"gets vision" We need to protect Beach City from a meter attack.

Steven: A meter, what how do you know that it's gonna get attack by a meter?

Spike: Future vision.

Steven: Cool.

Cut to the Beach:

Connie: "walks up" What's going on here?

Steven: We're gonna stop a meter from hitting Beach City.

Connie: Cool, but how?

Spike: Lapis, shall we.

Lapis: I'd be delighted.

Steven: What's happing?

Crystal: They're going to fuse.

Steven: Cool.

Spike: Let's do this.

Lapis: Alright.

"Spike & Lapis dance & fuse"

Steven: "gasps" Giant woman!

Crystal: They're not really a woman, Steven.

Peridot: More of an it.

Crystal: They're pronouns them & they.

Steven: Oh.

Tanzanite: Alright Tanzanite, let's do this.

"meter comes hurdling towards Beach City & Tanzanite smashes it"

Steven: That was awesome.

Tanzanite: "Spike talking" Yeah, shall we do a victory lap? "Lapis talking" I think so, we've earned it. "runs off"

Peridot: Wait for me!

Connie: Well, I'm gonna go home now, bye Steven.

Steven: Bye Connie, wow Tanzanite is amazing.

Crystal: They're are, aren't they.

Steven: I wanna be strong like them. "runs inside"

Crystal: "sighs" Steven

Why do you have to up to them?

Aside from a literal sense

Don't you know, that a power that big

Comes w/ a bigger expense

I'm telling you for you're own good & not because I'm-

I can show you how to be strong, in a different way

And I know that we can be strong in a different-

Steven: Wait, this happened w/ Sugilite, I should just be strong in the real way.

Crystal: Well, that was anti-climactic.

Steven: What did you say?

Crystal: Nothing.

Steven: Ok.

Tanzanite: "runs up" Hey guys.

"Spike & Lapis unfuse"

Spike: That was amazing.

Lapis: I haven't be Tanzanite in so long.

Peridot: "comes up, panting" You guys didn't say that you we're gonna go to 5 different states.

Spike: Clearly, you don't know us.

Lapis: Yeah.

Peridot: I need to take a break. "lies on ground"

Crystal: I never got to finish my song.

"screen closes on Crystal upset, then closes"



  • Steven Universe
  • Spike
  • Crystal
  • Lapis
  • Peridot
  • Tanzanite(debut)
  • Connie Maheswaran
  • Pearl(mentioned)
  • Amethyst(mentioned)
  • Garnet(mentioned)
  • Sugilite(mentioned)

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