This is the third episode of the Mystical Gems fanon.


The little gem looked excited, looking up at Pink Opal.

"This it?!"

She would gasp with excitement.

Pink Opal chuckled with amusement.



Kunzite eats her onion chips, and nods.


"Yeah! Your components, your garden, your name!"

"That's cool...huh!"

"Yeah, what Cyrs said!"

"What is your weapon tho?"

Pink summons Milky's shovel.


"No other weapon? Shouldn't there be 2?" "

I dont think Colour has one."

Pink frowns.

Crystal Quartz looked at Kunzite, shocked.

Kunzite made an :0 face.

"She HAS to have one! She is a quartz gem like me!"

Pink begins to think.

"Kunzite! She has to have one, rightt?"

"I think so."

"Color!" Pink Opal gasped, unfusing.

"WHAT?!" Kunzite blinks.

Milky gasps. 

"Why...don't you have a weapon?" 

Color mumbled something, looking away. 

"You are a...what? Era...what?" 

Color then looked at Milky, scared. 

Milky reaches over to Colour. 

Color gets up, whispering. 

Milky hugs her. 

"Can you tell them...?" She whispered. 

Milky nods.

"Colour doesn't have a weapon." 


"She's an Era 2." 

Kunzite blinks.



She blushed, very embarrassed. 

Milky hugged her, reassuring Colour.

Color smiled, and kissed her on the cheek.

Milky blushed."U-uhm." 

"I love you...!" Color quickly said, embarrased.  

Milky blinked, before falling backwards. 

Color grabbed her, preventing her from hitting the ground. 

Milky stared at Colour, blushing.

"I love you too."

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