Stellar Gems is a fan-series made by Kunzite-Spodumene, in which a big group of gems, with Pyrope as the founder, oppose the Diamond Authority, and protect the Universe.



The leader and founder of the Stellar Gems Organization. Before the Stellar Gems, was one of best warriors of Sun Diamond's Court.


The Head Messenger of Stellar Gems, and is also Pyrope's close friend. Before the Stellar Gems, she was a technician in Blue Moon Diamond's Court.


The Seer, that can predict most of situations. Sometimes has headaches. Before the Stellar Gems, she was under Purple Diamond's Court.

Cubic Zirconia

The Archer. Has very detailed vision. Before the Stellar Gems, she was Memorial Diamond's assistant. Although, she joined the Stellar Gems not because of tyranny, but just because she was "bored".'

Sun Diamond

Is the member of Diamond Authority. She is responsible for brainwashing enlightment of gems under her court. She is very defensive over her views and mostly does not agree with other gems' opinions.

Blue Moon Diamond

Is the member of Diamond Authority. She is responsible for all technology and military for gems under her and Memorial Diamond's courts. She is very carefree and cocky most of time, and does not take things seriously.

Purple Diamond

Is the most mysterious one of the Diamond Authority, and is also the most powerful one. She is responsible for balance in other courts. Not a lot is known about her, but rumors are that she "purifies" anyone who rebels against their Diamond/Owner. She also seems to have a very weird amount of eyes.

Memorial Diamond

Is the "weakest" and kindest one from the Diamond Authority. She is responsible for controlling kindergartens in other Diamonds' courts. She is actually a kindergarten gem herself, which makes very special amongst other Diamonds. The planet she was made on later became her one and only colony. She always is very polite and treats gems from her and other courts with respect and honor, even if these are rebels.

Black Diamond(Formerly)

Black Diamond is the former member of the Diamond Authority. She was responsible for all kindergartens, until Pyrope bubbled her(which started the Great Gem War)and got her into an unknown place. She was described to be very serious, but very quiet.



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