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Solar Gems Syndicate is a fanmade spinoff series of Steven Universe revolving around the adventures of Red Spinel, Beryllonite, and Sunstone, a trio sent by Yellow Diamond to harvest the energy of the sun, but along their way have crashed onto Earth unexpectedly, and are now looking for parts to rebuild their ship and go home.

Major Characters

Minty Quartz
Minty Quartz
Pink Peridot

Minor Characters

Orange Pearl
Yellow Sapphire
Blue Jasper
Blue Jasper
Aqua Peridot
Lapis Lagreenie
Gravel Lazuli
Mystic Quartz
Green Garnet
Morganite fusion
Cotton Candy Quartz
CC Quartz


Season 1

Sea Ya Later : Beryll and Spinel search for materials to rebuild their ship.

Familar Faces : Sunstone shares an experience from the war.

Rocket Ruckus : Beryll does a mission with the help of an ancient warrior while Spinel and Sunstone are missing.

Pilot Failure : The story of how the Solar Gems crashed is revealed.

Mint Flavored Brawl : The explanation of a new gem is told, conflict rises over domestic issues.

Earthly Engineer : A huge discovery is made regarding the ship.

Feeling Normal : The trio wander around Jersey to fit into the local populace.

Periception : The new arrival of recruits brings in a huge load of help.

Hot Mess : Sunstone, Spinel, and Minty Quartz go on a group mission to gather parts.

True Intentions : The truth is revealed behind the Solar Gem Operation.

Season 2

Off We Go : The Solar Gems begin their trip to Homeworld.


Credits to User:Yyaku for the table template!

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