"Sodium" is a Homeworld Gem and recurring antagonist of the Gem Apocalypse. He made his debut in "Gem Science". Currently he is stranded on Earth, on Madagascar, trying to find his family and kill the Crystal Gems.


Sodium has pale skin with acidic green markings on his torso and arms. His gemstone is below his eye, thus making it a vulnerable target. He has spiky hair. Physique wise, he is short in stature, and around the same size as a five year old.

He wears the standard Homeworld Uniform-a sleeveless bodysuit, with a mahogany v-neck and a White Diamond insignia in the center with the words: N.A etched on it.


Sodium was a calm, collective gem, but a brutal combatant at the same time. He doesn't care about anyone except for his closest allies and family. Once his wife died, he became disheartened, and became prone to Post-traumatic stress disorder.

Initially, he had a disdain to shape-shifting and summoning weapons, because he wasn't able to use those abilities at that time, but soon, he became addicted to them, becoming unhinged and unstable, and extremely reactive to things.

Before he had a human wife, he was extremely addicted to Lapis Lazuli, and when she shut him down, he was even more addicted, until he decided to kill her.


Sodium is implied to be made on the same day as Peridot, meaning he had to be equipped with technological enhancements for working. He was made in the Gamma Kindergarten, a kindergarten that makes metals.

Even with his limb enhancers, he is pretty weak.

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