This is one of the 4 songs in the season finally of The Legend of Onix series. In this song Greg, Steven, and Rose are singing about how life will be so amazing now that they were finally reunited against, and how they plan on going to Empire city to celebrate


Steven, Rose, and Greg are on the beach together with Greg playing his new Keyboard Guitar

Steven: *spoken* I still cant believe that I made it possible for mom to be alive again, You know after all that we had to deal with it just makes it so much more wonderful

Rose: *spoken* This will be the start of something so wonderful Steven, I just don't know how things can get even better then this.

Greg: *spoken* Perhaps a little music can make it even more wonderful, good thing I just started writing this new song

Steven: *spoken* awesome dad, lets hear it

Greg smiles and turns on the beat on his new keyboard guitar and begins to play it

Greg: Singing through life, dance to the music, listen to music's mood Life's a delight, now were unite, Our family's back, Now start the singing Singing through life, melody's playing, music and laughter herd in the air Songs are singing and melody's playing, play from the heart and sing from the soul

Greg stands up and begins playing his song even more and Steven and Rose begin to dance to Greg's song

Greg: Singing through life, swaying and sweeping, playing the songs so cool Life's a wonder, from its blunders, from it beauty, and from its singing Singing through life, Mindless and careless, Sing to the songs that play from the heart Woes are fleeting, troubles leavening, when your singing, through life!

Steven: *spoken* Wow dad, that was amazing

Greg: *spoken* Thanks Steven, you know, I think now that Rose is back, perhaps we should go on a trip!

Rose: *spoken* That sounds wonderful Greg, but were should we go

Steven: *spoken* perhaps queens land

Greg: *spoken* nah maybe something in our country for now

Rose: *spoken* Maybe the stars like you always said in your songs

Greg: *spoken* rubs the back of his head laughing a little* maybe another time

Greg: *spoken* hmm, I know, how about.... EMPIRE CITY!

Steven: *spoken* That is perfect!

Rose: *spoken* Wonderful Greg, lets go to Empire city

Greg: Lets head up to The Empire City, We'll Sing and Dance there today,We can dance till the dusk, Find the La hotel, And see the musical, Right on up to The Empire City Come on, follow me, Time to ready for the trip!

Steven, Rose, and Greg head to the beach house as they get ready for there trip to Empire City

Steven, Rose, Greg: Singing through life, To Empire City, To that city were dreams always come true, time to sing and dance to the City, Time to sing, as we sing through life.

They are beginning to pack and Steven notices Onix and Sapphire talking and Steven feels a little bad for all Onix has been through lately

Steven: *spoke* hey Onix, mind if I talk to you for a second

Onix: *Sapphire leaves the room* *spoke* what is it young Steven

Steven: *spoke* Well its just that me and my mom and dad are going to Empire City and we were wondering if you wanted to come along.

Onix is rather hesitant of this mainly because both Rose and Greg were coming along for the trip

Onix: *spoke* um I don't think that is such a good idea Steven, Especially with my past. Besides its a family trip

Steven: *spoke* well you are like family to us now, besides I bet you will have a wonderful time with my dad

Onix thinks about it since he knows Steven really wants him to come along

Onix: *spoke* you know what, ill come

Steven: *spoke* yay!

they all pack for the trip and load up the Van, They then head to the train station as they are ready to depart for Empire City

Greg: *spoke* I have a special surprise for you at the city Steven

Steven: *spoke* ooooh, what is it!

Greg: *spoke* well it wouldn't be a surprise then would it

Rose: *smiles and hugs Greg and Steven* We are Wonderful!

Greg: You are wonderful!

Rose and Greg: and we deserve each other, We can see that we deserve each other!

Onix feels rather sad about this as the train finally arrives*

Conductor: *spoke* ALL ABORD!

Rose, Greg, Steven, and Onix et into the train car and give there tickets to the conductor

Rose, Greg, and Steven: Singing through life, Down to the city, To that city were dreams always come true. And the strange thing, Your life could end up changing While you're Singing Through!

The train leaves as they head to Empire City


  • The song is based on the song "Dancing Through Life" in the Broadway show Wicked
  • This is the first song of the season finally
    • Which is ironic since out of the 4 songs they are based on this was the earliest to play in Wicked.
  • queens land is a reference to London England

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