Serendibite commonly adressed as Seren  is a fandom created Gem by Japkot. They are non-canon. They have made their first appearance on the Chapter 'Our New Arrival' in the Fanfiction called 'What Binds Us'

This Serendibite is an RP variation of the original, also made by Japkot,


Gem: Left Shoulder, like a shoulder pad.

Set Facial Attributes: A face shape like that of Lapis Lazuli(trying to make it easier for you Imagine) A very small nose, ears blocked by the hair, round eyes that just scream 'INNOCENT'

Beside the set facial features, Seren has long, unruly hair that reaches the small of his back, unlike Serendibite, it sticks out toward all directions and you could probably lose a lot of stuff in it.

Seren has fangs, this is because of the additional intimidation value.

He prefers to look 'male' because of his rebellious nature, it can be summed up as him being against everything homeworld stands for,

Clotheswise: He prefers wearing a grey plain t-shirt with the left sleeve slightly cut out to make way for his gem that is a little bit baggy, and casual black pants. A green Diamond on the knee.


Seren is an angry person, this anger directed at the Crystal Gems for killing the only person that mattered to him, by starting the rebellion,

He is displayed as a pyromaniac, likes using his powers and is ruthless with their use, not caring about his surroundings as he blasts around

He is shown to be very uncaring, except for the people that he owes to, and seems to have shed all of his loyalty of Homeworld, he is shown to be a playful person if met with appropriate company,



Chyrosprase and Seren despise each other due to Seren's feelings on the Crystal Gems, and Chryso's friendship with Amethyst,

Seren and Chyrso seem to have become friends after H.E.'s death,

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis was skeptical of him first, but when he just wanted a little something she agreed and went back to HW, she got him what he wanted and he repaid her the debt by protecting her and Peridot from Hawk's Eye...

She prevented him being lost in the ocean.

Hawk's Eye (Dceased)

Seren and Hawk's Eye started off as enemies, but their relationship developed into love, she gave him his name, and tought him to not be angry,

Though Sergei is still angry, and conflicted over his loyalties, while Birdie tries to set him in the right path to redemption.

Seren seemed very affected by her death.

Rose Quartz

Seren hates Rose Quartz for taking his twin away from her when she started the rebellion, and caused her soldiers to attack his twin and shatter her in the conflict.


Seren and Seranna were both expermients commisoned by White Diamond, they were deployed on Earth after the rebellion started, and quickly started to rack up a sizeable death count, but as their abilities progressed and they became more affliated with it, the Diamonds started to get suspicious of it,

White Diamond's ordered Seranna to be killed in the sight of the other one and in Crystal Gem disguise, her brother Seren, and Seren was devestated after it and vowed to take revenge on the rebellion and Rose Quartz.

After Seren brought her back from death, she went to attack the CG, but Seren stopped her, causing her to poof him,

4- Serendibite's Zweihander

Serendibite's Zweihander


Serendibite is an unique gem, while they possess standard Gem abilities, including weapon-summoning, bubbling, shape-shifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness and superhuman strength/durability.


  • Zweihander Efficency: Sergei is efficent with his Zweihander, which is a huge sword, but it lacks mobility, so he rarily uses it,
  • Greater Agility: They move very fast, so fast that they turn into a blurry mess of colours, they can use this this to their advantage in combat.
    • Precision Strikes: They are able to pinpoint weaknesses easily, striking them with dead on accuracy.

Unique Abilities

  • Solar Manipulation: Serendibite can create, shape and manipulate all aspects of a sun, starting from its immense heat, luminosity, mass/gravitational field, magnetic field, raw nuclear energy and reaction, etc.. More specific effects include solar winds/flares, UV emissions,
    • Solar Regenaration: Serendibite can regenerate his energy from the sun's radiation, because he was not made from organic energy but instead his incubation was accomplished with that of star energy and Stars emit light and many kinds of radiation His gem acts as a panel.
    • Pyrokinesis: Serendibite can create, shape and manipulate fire, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products, flame being the visible portion of the fire.


Not much is known about Serendibite's history. Except they were a prototype for the Project 'Facet 0' that if were to succeed would be the start of a whole new type of gem production, even replacing the Quartz Gems as the most efficent soldier gem.

It is revealed that for the Serendibite to properly incubate, injector drills was shot at a star, sucking it dry of energy for a thousand years, an unique feature, given that the rest of the gems are made from draining organic energy.

This project had been green lit by Green Diamond, who assigned the gem to be a guard for her Chyrsoprase.


  • Tom Mison, the now former voice for Sergei is also categorized as Ichabod Crane in the voice actor section of the Infobox, is an actor. Chosen for his epic voice and succes in the show 'Sleepy Hollow'
  • The upcoming art of Seren is made by Jinxbinx
  • This page only has one editor, Japkot has a tendency to write in third person because of spending too much time in writing
  • This Trivia is filled with more knowledge on Japkot then facts about Serendibite.
    • Including this one.
  • Japkot is contemplating pairings with a gem that probably has a cannon pairing.
  • Serendibite is an unique gem that was made from solar energy, unlike other gems who are organical.
  • Seren is an RP character made by Japkot to take the place of Serendibite in his Chat RP's.
  • Seren's fighting style is based on Illidan Stormrage a Warcraft character, the betrayer himself, who has stood alone against the Burning Legion, and having the most success
  • Japkot rebooted Serendibite, casting away their too OP Telekenisis and replacing it with Pyrokinesis and Solar Manipulation.
    • Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.
  • Too many trivia
  • Yes this is a copy and paste


  • Serendibite was discovered at Gangapitiya, near Ambakotte, Sri Lanka, in 1902 by G.T. Prior and A.K. Coomaraswamy. Prior and Coomaraswamy named the mineral ‘serendibite,’ which is derived from ‘serendib,’ an old Arabic term for Sri Lanka.
  • Serendibite is rarely found as facet-grade material. Before the 2005 discovery of serendibite in Mogok, Myanmar, there were only 3 known faceted serendibites, which were from the original Sri Lankan find. The serendibite from Sri Lanka and Myanmar is believed to be the only sources for facet-grade material. Sri Lankan Serendibite was an attractive greenish or violet-blue, while the stones from Myanmar are dark black.
  • In the second half of the 1990’s, gem-quality serendibite was discovered from secondary deposits in the Ratnapura area of Sri Lanka.
  • The rare gem material, serendibite, is characterized with regard to gemological, chemical, and spectroscopic properties. Spectroscopic features such as US-Vis-NIR and infrared ranges, as well as Raman and photoluminescence data, are considered more for identification of serendibite.
  • Serendibite may be confused with sapphirine and zoisite due to similarity in color and almost identical properties but refractive indices, twinning, and spectra can be used to separate these gem materials.
  • The distinction from sapphirine and the known low-bearing, gem-quality serendibite can be made by careful measurement of refractive indices, with sapphirine having a higher refractive index of 1.700. Higher contents of iron in serendibite may cause misleading refractive index readings and may require further gemological examinations such as spectroscopy and microscopy.
  • The optical properties and specific gravity of serendibite and zoisite may completely overlap. The color of the chromium and chromium-bearing Tanzanian zoisite is quite similar to serendibite. A distinction may be made on the basis of the lamellar or polysynthetic twinning of gem-quality and non-gem quality serendibite samples from various locations.
  • Combination of calcium, magnesium, aluminum, silicon, boron and oxygen.


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