Serendibite commonly adressed as Sergei and less frequently Siren is a fandom created Gem by Japkot. They are non-canon. They have made their first appearance on the Chapter 'Our New Arrival' in the Fanfiction called 'What Binds Us'

They were created on Homeworld as an upgrade to the Quartz Warriors, and were sent to Earth as a means to test them on the remaining Crystal Gems. But something happened that none thought to be possible.

Not even the Diamonds themselves could explain...


Gem: Left Shoulder, like a shoulder pad.

Set Facial Attributes: A face shape like that of Lapis Lazuli (trying to make it easier for you Imagine) A very small nose, ears blocked by the hair, round eyes that just scream 'INNOCENT'

Unique Physical Attributes

Note: I am doing a kind of split personality thing, so beside the things that were set in stone up there some things will be different because of the gems and shapeshifting. I need to explain all three of the Personalities.


They/Them (Being a gem containing personalities of two very different people it only seemed appropraite I did this to the pronoun) except for the set physical and facial structure, prefer looking like a standard Quartz, with the exception their bulky figure, even if they were created to be better then them. Wild, white wavy hair that is somewhat tamed (Imagine Jasper's but a little more contained.)

They always wear a neutral expression, because they weren't made to think, just serve.

Appearance Modifiers: A black shirt with long sleeves, and a yellow diamond plastered on the middle. Dark grey pants that have yellow diamonds on the knees.

'Gender': Now, gems are genderless I know, but they all prefer looking female, soooo Serendibite will look like that too, just to bash people in the face with the fact that they don't even have the free will to look how they want to look like even if that doesen't really matter.


Beside the set facial features, Sergei has long, unruly hair that reaches the small of his back, unlike Serendibite, it sticks out toward all directions and you could probably lose a lot of stuff in it.

Unlike the other two, Sergei has fangs, this is because of the additional intimidation value.

Beside his rebellious nature, Sergei is very compassionate and it shows on his neutral expression, but there's a lot of anger hidden behind that psuedo-mask so much so, that you could probably spot if you looked hard enough.

He prefers to look 'male' because of his rebellious nature, it can be summed up as him being against everything homeworld stands for, due to all the pain he suffered while he was still a part of Serendibite.

Clotheswise: He prefers wearing a grey plain t-shirt with the left sleeve slightly cut out to make way for his gem that is a little bit baggy, and casual black pants. Not a diamond in sight!


Beside the set facial features, her hair is long and slightly curly, reaching the small of her back. She wears it down and always plays with it because it 'feels funny' (SE: tickles) 

Her face always has a constant look of superiority present, looking down on all who doesen't share her views on things. Confidence radiates off of her in waves. Sometimes she wears a smirk, sometimes her face contains a sneer.

Serendibite 1 request

Appearance Modifiers: She wears a black tank-top, her hanger (?) on the gem side encircles the gem, a diamond design is present on where the heart would be, positioned like a badge. She wears black pants.



Their emotions are simply nonexistant, the fact that they split at all was a miracle performed by none other then Steven They were made to 'serve' and not feel, the greates example would by that they used the Generic Template of Quartz Warriors set by Homeworld for their ap pearance during their first formation, forgoing the fact that they could create an unique one for themselves.

Sergei request 3


He's the rebellious and most dominant side of the split personalities, even prefering to appear 'Male' instead

of the female look that all gems seemed to prefer. He becomes very angry when his freedom is threatened, mostly because of the pain he endured as Serendibite under the effects of the 'Remote Control' and the remorse he was feeling for the things he was forced to do under it.

Beside that he's a very playful person, often making sarcastic comments and snide remarks, feeding his humour with brutal and unfiltered honesty. He's very compassionate, learning about Earth's history made him fascinated by its life.

He gets hurtful when people reject him and under all of his emotions, a deep burning anger is still present, hidden behind a mask that's rapidly deteriorating.


Her views are set in stone; Serve homeworld, obey homeworld. She's the part of Serendibite that still wants

Siren 2 request

to serve homeworld, only existing because of the 'Remote Control' strain that was being apllied on Serendibite during their Seperation.

She looks down upon humans, regarding them as nothing more then pests who get in 'our' way. She has a particular hate for Steven for his part in the seperation of Serendibite.

A degrading sneer or a sinister smirk is present whenever she appears, which is mostly when Peridot tries to use the Remote Control to get them to help her get out of Earth. Causing Sergei unimaginable Pain and letting his control slip just enough for her to appear spectrally. She is yet to make a physical appearance, only a phantom one.

Aside from these defining traits, she is very similar to Sergei, humourwise, and some modifiers on her appearance indicates that she inherited his casualness. But other then that those two deeply resent each other.


Steven Universe


At first Steven seemed to be afraid of them, but when they stopped their attack just because Steven had stepped in with the shield to protect Garnet, Serendibite had felt their first emotion of shock. And a hesitant Steven was reached out by Serendibite before Garnet's fist was smashed on her stomach.

Serendibite's first vocal interaction with Steven had started out agressive, but when he learned what they were supposed to be, he was horrified. He thaught them how to feel properly, how to be free in a short span of time. (There might have been misunderstandings) And in that short span of time, they'd come to care for him. It was his voice that helped them be 'free' of the remote control of homeworld. He gave them the alias, 'Sergei'


Sergei has expressed his fondness of the boy from the start, being the part of Serendibite that was moved by his speech on freedom.

Sergei was rather comfortable around the boy, letting him lead him to the Crsytal Gems and trusting his judgement that they wouldn't attack him.

Steven was teaching Sergei the world when the Cool Kids arrived, he seemed to have some compassion for the boy, and even joked around with him despite being void of all humor, he was worried about him when he got stuck in Peridot's Escape Pod...

Sergei seems to feel comfortable around him, falling into a regular conversation earlier then he might've with other people, as he displayed in the chapter Story for Steven carrying the conversation from there to Greg's Van with no problems,

Steven thought Sergei how to sleep, and he was very gratefull of him for that, joking around with him at the start of the chapter.


Siren has expressed her hostility from the start, hating the human boy that took away her position of being the ultimate weapon Homeworld deserved.



They had no vocal interactions, they were on opposite sides and they fought, the fight continued on 'till Garnet poofed them by driving her gauntlet through their stomach. Beside those facts the true extent of their relations is unknown.


Garnet had been the most open to Sergei, stopping the Crystal gems from attacking him and fullfilling Steven's wishes to not have him harmed in any way,

Garnet was the only one not hostile to Sergei when they found him near the Escape Pod, she tried to calm him down and expressed no hostile movement, she wanted to talk with him, knowing that he didn't understand why the gems were acting so bad to him.

Garnet talked to Sergei, explaining to him their history, and making him understand why the other two were so suspicious of him, and explaining to him how she was a fusion (and what fusion was) when she first fused,

Sergei expressed his desire to not to make the fusion dissapionted at him from the start, even if he had to push some mental boundaries





They had no vocal interactions, they were on opposite sides and during the fight Serendibite did a lot of damage against Amethyst, that may damage their relations in the future. But beside, that the true extent of their relations is unknown.

They didn't interact the second time they've met.


Amethyst was the most hostile toward Sergei, remembering what he did to her when he was still Serendibite. She was ready to attack him before Garnet stopped her.

Amethyst with Pearl was ready to attack Sergei when they found him with Steven near Peridot's escape pod, But she was shocked when Sergei stepped away, and it turned out to be not Peridot, but instead Steven behind him, she looked indigant when Sergei's anger reached a boiling point.

Amethyst was as always suspicous of Sergei, combined with anger over his rant, but toward the end of his talk with Garnet, Sergei had understood why they were so suspicious, and understood (or at least tried to) what they felt,





They had no vocal interactions, they were on opposite sides and they fought one on one for a brief moment, Pearl seemed frustrated that she couldn't beat down Serendibite, a gem who had never formed until then, but the true extent of their relations is unknown because the fight ended prematurely when Pearl was knocked away to the waiting hands of Jasper by Serendibite.

They didn't interact the second time they've met.


Pearl was the second most hostile when they'd met near the temple, supporting Amethyst, she was afraid that Sergei was lying to them so he could betray them later and still side with Homeworld.

Pearl with Amethyst was ready to attack Sergei when they found him with Steven near Peridot's escape pod, But she was shocked when Sergei stepped away, and it turned out to be Peridot behind her, she looked indigant when Sergei's anger reached a boiling point.

Pearl was as always suspicous of Sergei, combined with anger over his rant, but toward the end of his talk with Garnet, Sergei had understood why they were so suspicious, and understood (or at least tried to) what they felt,

Her talk with Pearl pushed Sergei to his limits, and she was very distant and reserved until Sergei blew off his lid and snapped at her, she agreed to give him a chance,





Serendibite served under Jasper and Peridot when they landed on Earth, and she had no qualms treating them like they were nothing more then a weapon. She seemed to be angry at the fact that they could be replacing her kind.





Lapis Lazuli


While Serendibite's only vocal interaction with her was to identify her, She was disgusted when she learnt that Serendibite was created to nothing more then serve, and had no will of their own. And was horrified when she learnt how they were created.

When she saw Serendibite for the second time, they were attacking Steven, she couldn't get out to help them, but when they stopped the attack. She helped them converse, told Steven their name and was overall supporting of her being free.







They were serving under her under the remote control set on them by Homeworld. She was slightly intimidated by them but otherwise had no qualms about treating them like a weapon to be used, not a person.

Their interactions were rather brief the second time, she was suprised to see they'd broken free, and they'd immidiately retaliated with a punch, and denting one of her limb enhancers. She'd tried to use the mind control device, causing them extreme pain.


Sergei has expressed violent thought for Peridot when he learned that it was her Escape Pod, and he became angered when the two thirds of the Crystal Gems accused him of working with her...



Greg Universe




Sergei's Sword

Sergei's Sword (Vlad Tepe's Sword) Current situation unknown..


Serendibite is an unique gem, while they possess standard Gem abilities, including weapon-summoning, bubbling, shape-shifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness and superhuman strength/durability. They also have a built in remote control to better serve homeworld's needs, which caused another unique feature: Creating two split personalities that act as two seperate people, and can interact with each other, but one cannot remain active while the other is still active, for they have only one gem.

Their abilities also drain a lot of energy, making them somewhat vulnerable if it ever ran out.

Ye ol' stickman from Pivot, demonstrating


  • Sword Proficency: Serendibite is shown to be an excellent swordsman, able to keep up with Garnet,Amethyst and Pearl in a 3 on 1 fight on their first forming. Stunning the latter two and going toe to toe with Garnet, who was only able to beat them because of her future vision power. This combines greatly with his other powers, making them an almost unstoppable force on the battlefield, better then even the unbeatable Quartz Warriors.
    • Dual Wielding: They are able to summon multiple weapons from their gem and using them prefectly, implying that they are ambidextrous.
      • Combining Swords: They can combine their swords, making it a double bleaded-spear, it is not used often, but it can be very efficent against unfavourable odds.
  • Greater Agility: They move very fast, so fast that they turn into a blurry mess of colours, they can use this this to their advantage in combat.
    • Precision Strikes: They are able to pinpoint weaknesses easily, striking them with dead on accuracy.

Unique Abilites

  • Combat Observer: They are able to observe the moves of combatants, only combatants, and use them in their favour, either coming up with strategies to defeat them or using their moves to their advantage in eliminating them.
  • Solar Manipulation: Serendibite can create, shape and manipulate all aspects of a sun, starting from its immense heat, luminosity, mass/gravitational field, magnetic field, raw nuclear energy and reaction, etc.. More specific effects include solar winds/flares, UV emissions,
    • Solar Regenaration: Serendibite can regenerate his energy from the sun's radiation, because he was not made from organic energy but instead his incubation was accomplished with that of star energy and Stars emit light and many kinds of radiation His gem acts as a panel.
    • Pyrokinesis: Serendibite can create, shape and manipulate fire, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products, flame being the visible portion of the fire.
  • Personality Seperation: With an unique display of power, Serendibite split their conflicting personalities into two pieces, creating Sergei and Siren, a feat never before encountered in Gem history.


Not much is known about Serendibite's history. Except they were a prototype for the Project 'Facet 0' that if were to succeed would be the start of a whole new type of gem production, even replacing the Quartz Gems as the most efficent soldier gem.

It is revealed that for the Serendibite to properly incubate, injector drills was shot at a star, sucking it dry of energy for a thousand years, an unique feature, given that the rest of the gems are made from draining organic energy.

With this soldier type homeworld went for %100 precent efficency and 0% precent individuality. Giving instructions to Peridot and Jasper that they would be treated like a weapon not a proper gem person. They first reformed on the Gem Spaceship.

What Binds Us

Click this.


  • Gerard Butler is the new voice actor, thanks Jinx!
    • Tom Mison, the now former voice for Sergei is also categorized as Ichabod Crane in the voice actor section of the Infobox, is an actor. Chosen for his epic voice and succes in the show 'Sleepy Hollow'
      • It was originally going to be Matthew Yang King, because of his great performance as Illidan Stormrage in the game Warcraft 3, but it lacked the british accent I needed.
  • Jean Gilpin the Voice actor I picked for Siren, is mostly picked for the voice actor's fantastic performance as Knight-Commander Meredith Stannard in the game Dragon Age 2.
  • The upcoming art of Serendibite and their Split Personalities is made by Jinxbinx
  • The creator Japkot, Is Turkish! With an impending Scholarship to go to America and continue studying there!
    • You probably don't care about that part.
  • Japkot has made 4 fanfictions, another one incoming for Steven Universe, you can check them out here
    • He also has terrible ADHD, causing him to take immense breaks between writing new chapters.
  • Serendibite/Sergei likes playing video games, reading, history and other fun stuff.
    • Yes, he's slightly based on me, but he's not a Gemasona, because he's not me, He's an OC Gem.
  • Serendibite/Siren likes video games, chatting randomly, fighting and fantasizing the death of Steven Universe.
    • But she hasn't done any of these things because she does not have physical properties to appear anything more then a ghost.
      • Japkot's just being an idiot and overprepearing.
  • Despite writing all these things about them, there's no trace of Fanfiction or any writing on Serendibite.
    • Japkot's lazy ass...
      • But seriously, I wrote those fanfictions at school, It was not a good thing. I was barely able to pass 9th grade, fortunately 10th Grade has been better.
        • There's now an existing fanfiction on Serendibite, here.
  • Making Ronaldo a friend of Sergei was a last minute desicion that Japkot probably should have reevaluated.
    • And he did! Good for him.
  • Japkot made a mistake when creating this page Making it Serendibite '(Japkot' with the bracket still open. It was the most annoying thing, until his smartass thought to ask to a moderator about fixing it.
    • Not realizing that he could do it himself.
      • What an idiot...
  • This page only has one editor, Japkot has a tendency to write in third person because of spending too much time in writing
  • This Trivia is filled with more knowledge on Japkot then facts about Serendibite.
  • There's a gigabyte worth of ideas Japkot has stored up for his story! That I know you'd like to peek at very much!
  • Japkot is contemplating pairings with a gem that probably has a cannon pairing.
  • There are fusions already planned out for Serendibite and the Crystal Gems.
  • Serendibite's first emotion was shock.
    • This was because they spotted Steven, covering away at the sight of them.
  • Second chapter name 'Parnem? Aftí? Nām?' pays homage to the etmyology of the three personalities of Serendibite.
    • Parnem: 'Male' in Russian, Sergei's a Russian name
    • Aftí: 'Female' in Greek, Sirens are in Greek Mythology, Cannibal Mermaids that sing songs and attract unknowing sailors to their death
    • Nām: 'Them' in Tamil, Serendibite's are mined in Sri Lanka, they speak Tamil there.
  • Serendibite is an unique gem that was made from solar energy, unlike other gems who are organical.
  • Seren is an RP character made by Japkot to take the place of Serendibite in his Chat RP's.
    • He's an elegant and polite sociopath who serves homeworld dutifully, until something changed his mind.
  • Sergei's fighting style is based on Galen Marek (Starkiller) a Star Wars Legends character trained by Darth Vader himself.
    • This also accounts for Serendibite, while Siren's is still unknown.
  • Japkot rebooted Serendibite, casting away their too OP Telekenisis and replacing it with Pyrokinesis and Solar Manipulation.
    • Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.
  • Too many trivia
Serendibite Gem


  • Serendibite was discovered at Gangapitiya, near Ambakotte, Sri Lanka, in 1902 by G.T. Prior and A.K. Coomaraswamy. Prior and Coomaraswamy named the mineral ‘serendibite,’ which is derived from ‘serendib,’ an old Arabic term for Sri Lanka.
  • Serendibite is rarely found as facet-grade material. Before the 2005 discovery of serendibite in Mogok, Myanmar, there were only 3 known faceted serendibites, which were from the original Sri Lankan find. The serendibite from Sri Lanka and Myanmar is believed to be the only sources for facet-grade material. Sri Lankan Serendibite was an attractive greenish or violet-blue, while the stones from Myanmar are dark black.
  • In the second half of the 1990’s, gem-quality serendibite was discovered from secondary deposits in the Ratnapura area of Sri Lanka.
  • The rare gem material, serendibite, is characterized with regard to gemological, chemical, and spectroscopic properties. Spectroscopic features such as US-Vis-NIR and infrared ranges, as well as Raman and photoluminescence data, are considered more for identification of serendibite.
  • Serendibite may be confused with sapphirine and zoisite due to similarity in color and almost identical properties but refractive indices, twinning, and spectra can be used to separate these gem materials.
  • The distinction from sapphirine and the known low-bearing, gem-quality serendibite can be made by careful measurement of refractive indices, with sapphirine having a higher refractive index of 1.700. Higher contents of iron in serendibite may cause misleading refractive index readings and may require further gemological examinations such as spectroscopy and microscopy.
  • The optical properties and specific gravity of serendibite and zoisite may completely overlap. The color of the chromium and chromium-bearing Tanzanian zoisite is quite similar to serendibite. A distinction may be made on the basis of the lamellar or polysynthetic twinning of gem-quality and non-gem quality serendibite samples from various locations.
  • Combination of calcium, magnesium, aluminum, silicon, boron and oxygen.


Image Description

Their gems are located in their left shoulder, it has two facets seperated by a strange blue crack that nobody can feel

The credit for the gemstone goes to Startropolis.


Some art on our favorite Geo-weapon, Special thanks to Pepearl and JinxBinx 

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