Solar gems syndicateee-0 This is an Episode belonging to the Solar Gems Syndicate Fanmade Series. If you enjoyed, please consider reading the rest of the series!
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Sunstone handed Spinel a crown, " Your majesty! ". Spinel laughed modestly, " For meee? I really don't deserve it. ". Beryll chimes in, " Of course you do, queen! You are the best gem and obviously the most important! That's why we all love you! ". A crowd cheered and chanted, " Spinel! SPINEL! Spinel! SPINEEEEL! ", only to wake her up from her slumberous dream, and seeing Beryll yelling at her, " SPINEL! ". She rubbed her eyes and grinned, " Eh? ".

Beryll rolled his eyes," Another dream? You do that too much, Spinel. ". Spinel giggled, " Says the one who's never tried it..! " and kept laughing excitedly. Beryll wasn't amused, he dragged Spinel by her leg off the bed, and led her outside, she eventually got up from the floor and started following him, " Where we goin', Beryll? ". He paused, " You don't remember? There's a huge desposit of steel bars that can be salvaged for our ship, but I can't reach it on account of a monster guarding it for WHATEVER REASON. ". Spinel nodded, " And i'm supposed to distract it for you or something? ". Beryll didn't answer her, they headed down the steps, leaving their wooden home they built until they can leave Earth, and headed down a path of mud, " I would ask Sunstone, but he is useless in the area, it's surrounded by water and we all know how he feels about that. ".

Purple s corrupted

They reached the top of a cliff, looking under there is the monster that Beryll talked about, guarding some crates filled with steel and other resources. Spinel jumped down, the monster eyeing her up and down, then charging at her. It had the resembling strikes of the giant gem it used to be, but somewhere along the line it became corrupted, with a glowing gem.

Beryll hopped down behind the monstrous gem, grabbing a crate and running off without assisting Spinel, she dodged the monster's charge and whipped her hair forward, cutting its arm off. The monster shrieked with terror and cowardice, striking Spinel in the chest with its remaining arm, only for Spinel to counterstrike with a kick in it's head, the monster reverted to its purple, diamond-like gem, and it slid into the water, before Spinel could reach it. Spinel sighed, " Sunstone wont like that, it'll probably be back later", and grabbed another crate, running over to catch up with Beryll, " You could've at least offered some help. ". Beryll smiled, " I also could have grabbed two crates, but making you work is much more easier on me. ".

Sunstone noticed the two walking, and ran over, " I see you two worked together, that's good. ". Spinel smirked at Beryll, " Sure, that's one way to put it. "


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