Rusty is a character from The-Not-So-Amazing Duo. She's a member of the Star Ruby Crew. She was made recently, but already showed her personality, and, weirdly enough, learned how to summon her weapon.


Rusty has rust red skin, with dark-red star-shaped hair. She's a bit taller than other rubies, and thus, a bit stronger. Her uniform differs from normal ruby uniform - she wears a black tank top with three yellow diamonds on front, and on left and right sides; she also wears maroon shorts, and black pointed shoes with yellow toe caps. Her gemstone is located on her nose.


Rusty is very, very mean and cocky and obnoxious, and won't hesitate to mock someone, and always cares about things that are no longer relevant. She was very mean even after just being made. Also, Rusty was always a bit stronger than other rubies, which made her even more annoying and rude. She doesn't care about people's emotions, and will always tell her opinion on things.


Like all rubies, Rusty has abilities such as pyrokinesis, etc.


  • Parasol Proficiency: Rusty learned how to summon her weapon very quickly, and showed to be very good at using it in combat(by pricking and by setting it on fire and then spin in front of the opponent).

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