Solar gems syndicateee-0 This is an Episode belonging to the Solar Gems Syndicate Fanmade Series. If you enjoyed, please consider reading the rest of the series!

Beryll warped into the Solar Syndicate home, " Spinel, we need to go sear-- eh? No one's here... " He rolled his eyes, " Wouldnt be surprised if they were together somewhere.. making out or whatever Earthlings do.. " He shuddered before walking into the bubble room.


Beryll looked throughout the bubbled gems and grabbed a bubble containing a pink, triangle-like gem. He popped it and threw it on the floor, it's gem glowing, taking form. A peridot was formed, " I'm freeeee! ". Beryll tackled the Fuchsia Peridot, " You were allowed to form today by myself because I have a job you need to help me with. "

Peridot shrugged, " What makes me think i'd help a lowly technician? " Beryll glared, " As a high ranking gem of Homeworld, I command you are to offer your service. " Peridot was intimidated and nodded quickly, " Of course! ". Beryll led Peridot to a desert, after the two used the warp pad. He headed to a broken piece of his former ship, " Help me lift this ba-- " He was interrupted by a gauntlet knocking him back into the sand. Pink Peridot charged towards the enemy, a Green Garnet fusion. Beryll reached into his gem and pulled out a toy gun that was reconfigured to shoot BB gun pellets. He shot at Garnet, with little effect at all. Controlling electricity to zap Pink Peridot back, which made them hit Beryll. Pink Peridot ran off to the warp, but leaving behind a destabilizer, " Use this! BYE! ". Peridot warped off. Beryll shouted, " That little traitor! ". He grabbed the lonely destabilizer and charged towards the Garnet, impaling them with the gem weapon after dodging several punches. He caught the two fallen gemstones retreating their forms, and bubbled each of them, " I'm gonna find that Peridot... " He grunted.


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